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My Digital Portfolio

Keira Walsh
March 5 2019

Q: Why did I create this work?
A: I created a piece of painted blue cardboard with styrofoam hot glued onto. The blue paint is supposed to represent the arctic ocean waters. The styrofoam represents the ice. I chose this to convey climate changes effect... (Read more)

Vincent's Portfolio

Swimmy Fish My second favorite project in the course Exploring Computer Science was the Scratch game project. In the Scratch game project we had to create a game using the block programming language Scratch. I created a game called Swimmy Fish. The goal of Swimmy fish is to guide a fish to different depths(levels) of... (Read more)

My favorite project in the course Exploring Computer Science was the HTML website project. In this project I was required to make a webpage with four pages about a certain topic, which included elements like background, rollover images, headings, links, layout styles and images. My topic of my webpage was about weightlifting. I weight lift... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio


Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 10.43.30 AM
Artist Statement: Absence

My artwork is a large but proportional, betta fish that fades from bright, vibrant color to bone. I use colors such as maroon, red, violet, turquoise, and yellow for the head and the neck.... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

Jason Kenney

Day 1-1

 The box has 4 sides including a video game controller, soccer ball, a chemistry tube, and a fishing hook. All of these sides represent me in different ways. Like how I like video games and soccer, also the... (Read more)

Annick's Portfolio

Epigenetics are the genes that are changed and influenced as life progresses, and it what makes even identical twins different and unique in genetic coding. Twins are two siblings that are born at the same time, and are either fraternal or identical. While fraternal twins are two different eggs being fertilized,... (Read more)

Eliana's Portfolio


Artist Statement

My artwork is a watercolor painting of an autumn dahlia flower. It starts out as pink in the middle then the petals are yellow and fade into a pink around the edges. The flower is in a ball... (Read more)

Garrett's Portfiolio


The flower is called a balloon flower. It is a blue-purple flower with light pink ends and a black circle in the middle with a yellow stigma. It also has dark purple petals. The background is a green and blue mix. 

(Read more)

RIley's Portfolio

One of my favorite projects in Exploring Computer Science was our Scratch game, which my partner and I created.  In the game you (the player) are the planet Earth.

Tristan's Portfolio

Abigail's Portfolio

This is a video about the affect that climate change has on animals. We used the computer program Powtoons. I made this in Mrs. Dwyer’s eight grade science class.

Madison's Portfolio

Maddie Donahue
Genetic Diseases
GM Foods and Crops
GM (genetically modified) foods and crops are a recent experiment conducted by multiple scientists, with many goals for the outcome of these new foods. These foods have been genetically modified to produce desirable traits and properties. The basis of this... (Read more)

Abigail's Portfolio

This is a powtoon documentary on how climate change affects animal species and habitats. It was a group project that we created in our eighth grade science class.

Rachel's Portfolio

Description: A short three minute video on how climate change has affected us and how we can make it better. This video includes back ground music, cartoons, and pictures to go along with each slide.  Throughout the project, we edited a lot and tried to make each slide enjoyable.  I had three partners and it... (Read more)


My beginning essential question for my project on parkinson’s disease is if it is hereditary or not. I am interested in this topic because my grandmother had parkinson’s so I wanted to do a bit of research to see if I had a chance of getting it. I am very interested in different types of... (Read more)

Emily's Portfolio

Genetically Modified Children

By: Emily Hauk


The advancements made in the understanding of genes, and how they work together has led to a new field within genetics, genetically modified organisms. It started as genetically modified plants which... (Read more)

Elias's Portfolio

This project is a powtoon video about climate change. The video includes many facts about climate change, like how it will affect us for example.

Maggie's Portfolio

This is a Powtoon documentary about how climate change affects animal and their habitats. We created this in our eighth grade science class. Each one of our group members had a different job and I was in charge of research. Overall, I think our group worked really well together to produce and good documentary.

Shannon's Portfolio

my group the spongebob fan club of science . we all worked together to make a wevideo the main purpose  of the video was how climate change effects the earth.In a entertaining way.


Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 8.39.22 AM

My artwork is a picture of a begonia which is a type of flower. My flower is blue and purple and there is a shadow to the left. I created my artwork by looking at a picture... (Read more)

Anne's Portfolio

An Analysis of Sjogren’s Syndrome


Research Question: What is Sjogren’s Syndrome, and how do genetic and environmental factors compound to cause its symptoms?


Independent Project by Anne Madden


What is Sjogren’s?

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

Introduction: The Great brain at camp is about a boy named Peter that has many astonishing plans. First his mom forces him to go to camp. He arrives there and gets bullied, but throughout camp he starts to like camp. When he gets home he definitely wants to go back to camp next year.

... (Read more)

Caroline's Portfolio

A few friends and I made a we-video as a climate change video for our 8th grade science class.  Ir’s about climate change and includes some of the characters from spongebob.

Heather Salemme

Heather Salemme    UDL assignment #1        8/10/2015

What is the most important guideline, in your opinion? Which guidelines would be the most difficult for you to implement and why?

In considering the UDL guidelines, the goal of inspiring motivation to learn a given topic is the most important and also the most difficult to implement. As... (Read more)

Bronwyn's Portfolio

Description:  We made a powtoon explaining how climate change is dangerous and how we can fix it and make it better. It was about 3 minutes and was for our science class for Mrs. Dwyers 8th grade class.  I had 3 partners that helped out a lot.

Murphy's Portfolio

Presentation about how climate change is affecting Earth and what we can do. My question for the climate science PowToon was “What can we do to stop/slow climate change?”. There is also a document with the citations and the script for the presentation.

ValerieT2025 Portfolio

Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 12.21.22 PM

   My artwork is a painting of the Pencil Cactus. Its background has a mixture of purple and magenta. It makes the cactus look like its under a disco light. The element of color is most obvious in my... (Read more)


My‌ ‌art‌ ‌looks‌ ‌like‌ ‌a‌ ‌red‌ ‌monkey‌ ‌growing‌ ‌of‌ ‌a‌ ‌hanging‌ ‌stem‌ ‌from‌ ‌a‌ 
plant‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌middle.‌ ‌Plus‌ ‌its‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌horizon‌ ‌between‌ ‌the‌ ‌sky‌ ‌and‌ ‌ground.‌‌ ‌I‌ 

Sample's Portfolio

Abstract: The Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (GDRSD) is a pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade regional district with a current enrollment of 2,500 students. All students are learning in a technology-rich learning environment with reliable network infrastructure, modern computing devices, and a standards-focused curriculum. With continued progress toward student growth targets on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment... (Read more)

Nathan's Portfolio

This is a science project, I did on dark matter in space.

Nicole's Portfolio

I made a Powtooon with Carolyn, Rachel, and Bronwyn.  Our topic was “Why is climate change dangerous?”.  This was made is Mrs. Dwyers 8th Grade Science class.

Pedro's Portfolio

Hello all,

This is my group’s video that we made for Science. Check it out!


George's Portfolio

Forensic Science
Unit 2: Physical Evidence

The Atlanta Child Murders: A Case Study in Fiber Analysis

Please research the Wayne Bertram Williams case and answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Who was Wayne Williams? 23 year old african-american freelance photographer
Tell me generally about the victims (the 5 W’s).... (Read more)



You will need to research the case of Richard Munoz Ramirez (The “Night Stalker”) and answer the following questions.

I Background:  Detail the following:

  1. Where was he from? El Paso, Texas
  2. Who was his family? seven siblings, born to Mercadies and Julian Ramirez,
  3. Who influenced him greatly in... (Read more)

Jordan's Portfolio

Name:  __Jordan Dorff_______________________ Date: ________2/5/15_______________

Landmark Forensic Science Cases

For this assignment, you are to research the Frye v. United States and Daubert v. Merrell Dow cases.

  1. Compare and contrast them in terms of how they relate to admissibility of scientific evidence in the courtroom.
  2. Find real criminal cases on which each of these... (Read more)

Emma's Portfolio



You will need to research the case of Richard Munoz Ramirez (The “Night Stalker”) and answer the following questions.

I Background:  Detail the following:

Where was he from?

Richard Ramirez, also known as “The Night Stalker” was born and raised in El Paso Texas.

(Read more)

Ethan's Portfolio

I really enjoyed this case study and the gruesomely interesting story of Richard Ramirez’s life. His back story explained why he was so insane as an adult, and his purposeless, merciless crimes were so brutal that it felt like I was reading a script for a horror movie. There were also a few aspects... (Read more)

Cary's Portfolio

I have learned a lot about crime scene management and evidence collection. For one thing, I have learned all of the steps that go into managing the scene. The very first thing is safety. The police officer who first arrives will make sure that any victims are okay, confirm the person is dead (if there... (Read more)

In this study, I researched the difference between the Frye and Daubert standards. I learned a lot from doing this research. I also worked hard to improve this study by adding more details to my writing.

Compare and contrast them in terms of how they relate to admissibility of scientific evidence in the courtroom.

They... (Read more)

I have fingerprinted in two different ways, using a stamp pad and then putting my fingerprint on a piece of paper, and leaving my fingerprints on a glass beaker and collecting my print using dust powder and putting tape over that and then onto a piece of paper. Neither of these resulted in great prints,... (Read more)

Fernanda's Portfolio

Let’s talk about the most famous detective (or should I say private consultant?) to ever exist: Sherlock Holmes. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and published for the first time in 1888, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and their criminal adventures are, even 120 years after being published, still, not only a literary success, but also a massive... (Read more)

Erin's Portfolio

Frye vs. Daubert

No Comments 9/04/15, 23:45


1. In Frye v. United States, James Frye was accused of the murder of a physician. Frye first admitted that he had committed the crime when he was first arrested, but later took back his statement... (Read more)

Cole's Portfolio

Kids should not have homework because they should play outside and they already do to much work in school.  This makes me feel that kids should not have homework and do more stuff like sports.

One reason that kids should not have homework is that they should play outside. For... (Read more)

Adam's Portfolio

Dear Dr. Katie Novak.

Have you ever stayed up all night doing your homework? Well I have and it stinks. Once I even fell asleep doing my homework.  Teachers should not give out homework to kids.

One reason that teachers should not give out homework to kids is that... (Read more)

Ryan's Portfolio

Do you think that kids spend lots of time doing homework instead of playing outside or going to sleep early because they are so tired from doing all the work in school?  If so, read on to find out why kids should not be given homework.

Kids should not be given... (Read more)

Jonathan's Portfolio

Do you know that when I finish my homework it is usually dark out or that I do so much work  in school?   Well, kids should  have no homework and here are some reasons why.

One reason that kids should have no homework is because when they finish their homework, it... (Read more)

Aidan's Portfolio

You have had a couple of experiences with fingerprinting, what do you think?  Do you agree that fingerprints are a good identifier of someone?  Was it easy to leave fingerprints on objects? Was it easy to locate and lift fingerpirnts?  What did this unit demonstrate/teach you about evidence collection?

I think that fingerprinting... (Read more)

Andrea's Portfolio

Sherlock Holmes Blog – Based on the article you chose to read, and the Sherlock Holmes story that you read use this blog to reflect on what you have realized and learned about scientific methods of detection and investigation from these readings.

This blog represents our Standard 2 because it examines past and current research... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

Autosomal diseases are passed on from parent to child. Whether the gene responsible for the disease is dominant or recessive effects the pattern of inheritance.  In dominant diseases, only one dominant gene is necessary to have the disease.  Almost all affected people have one dominant and one recessive gene.  A parent with one... (Read more)

Holden Costa School Blog

This was a presentation I made for the Genetic Diseases class. It is an insight into the genetic disease PKU.

This is a segment of an email I sent to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren discussing GMO’s

…Genetically Modified Organism is an incredibly vague term that is often used to describe crops that have had genes added or removed from them for a specific purpose. A well-known example of this is Golden Rice. Golden... (Read more)

In the past several years, a new technology has arisen known as Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. GMOs are organisms that have had their genetics purposefully changed by humans in specific ways. This is different than selective breeding where the genetics are changed slowly and imprecisely. GMOs are also different because the introduced genetic code... (Read more)

Huntington’s Disease is a genetic disorder caused by an inability to produce properly formed Huntingtin Protein. The day’s functional protein is caused by a series of CAG repeats along one part of Chromosome 4. The altered Huntingtin causes neurological breakdown in the Basal Ganglia and cortex leading to difficult cross-brain communication and motor control... (Read more)

The sciences of Ecology and Genetics has been evolving over time ever since Charles Darwin set forth the ideas that would lead to their intertwining. One documentary, What Darwin Never Knew, delves into this evolution of knowledge in an intelligent but understandable manner. 

The show starts... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

What Darwin Didn’t Know


September 4, 2015

Chris Hunter


Before we started the movie “What Darwin Didn’t Know” I had a very minimal understanding of how evolution and natural selection actually worked and changed the formation of life as we know it. I also had a minimal... (Read more)

Little Details

We learned about the difference between autosomal dominant diseases and autosomal recessive diseases. An autosomal disease is when there is a genetic mutation on one of the twenty-two chromosomes, never on a sex chromosome. For autosomal dominant diseases, we learn that there need to be only one copy of the DNA mutation between parents. Which... (Read more)

Gordon's Digital Portfolio


IMG_3810 (640x478)


Fingerprints are fascinating. Who knew that the ridges of skin on your fingers could be so unique? Yet another accidental and amazing mystery of the natural world. Our first experience in class was with ink. The ink pad is messy, and so... (Read more)

Sherlock Holmes

No Comments 25/02/15, 14:31

chair-jpgI read the first Sherlock Holmes story, titled “A Study in Scarlet”. Throughout this story, there are many different techniques used to help scientifically. Holmes is described as almost mad, and an outsider. Holmes is found attempting to discover a reactant with Hemoglobin, or... (Read more)

Katherine B Gleason



Darwin Day Celebration – Darwin Day. (n.d.). Retrieved October 1, 2015.

This movie opened my eyes to the reality of evolution and the possibilities of mapping our genes. The science that is possible with all of this knowledge is... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

This powtoon is a video about the effects of climate change on animals and their natural habitat. It shows the ways we can prevent climate change, and the effects climate change will have on the future. 🙂

Al French


No Comments 9/01/18, 17:07 allisonf2021


7.1 Life Is Cellular

Questions Answers

1. Where did the term “cells” come from? Who coined the term for the use it has in science today? Robert Hooke thought that they (cells) looked like monastery rooms.  They were called cells.
2. What is... (Read more)

Thea's Portfolio

Students from A Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.28.22 AM


from Cole C.



Dear GDEF,

The chromebooks in our classes have made life much easier and has... (Read more)

Lara's Portfolio

My group, The Spongebob Fan Club of Science, and I all worked together to create a WeVideo.  The main purpose of this video was to explain how climate change effects the Earth in an ¨entertaining¨ way.  We are characters from the show Spongebob Squarepants describing how climate change will effect the people, plants, and animals... (Read more)

Isabella's Portfolio

We had to create a documentary video on a question we chose about climate change. In the video we describe the big impact climate change has on us.

Carolyn's Portfolio

This is a Powtoon with Bronwyn, Rachel, Nicole, and I on why climate change is dangerous. It also has some solutions that we can do to prevent climate change and global warming. This was  made in Mrs. Dwyer’s 8th grade sciences class.

Kristina's Portfolio


My group. The SpongeBob Fan Club Of Science all participated in this work equally. In my group their was Shannon K, Lara S, Caroline M, and Kristina H. As a group we made a video on We-Video. The main purpose of this video was to explain how climate change effects the Earth in an... (Read more)

Caroline's Portfolio

Our assignment was to create a video to explain climate change and how it affects us and our world. We asked a question on climate change, then did research to find the answer to it and we also did research to find out more about the topic.

Molly's Portfolio

The Huntington’s Disease case study is about a young college Sophomore who is studying science and finds that her uncle has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease and they must start trying to help around with his care. She immediately begins to research the disease to help herself better understand what her uncle is going through.... (Read more)

Some of the possible careers available in genetics right now are the standard geneticist that works in and studies human genetics on a daily basis. They look at genes and try to see which disease or human characteristic that specific gene can be linked to and control. Another career would be a genetic counselor who... (Read more)

The movie we watched in class was incredibly interesting the further we got along into it. I found that the most interesting part- though I had seen it in a few other movies- was when the went through the initial discoveries that Darwin made during his initial trip to the Galapagos Islands. Since it’s one... (Read more)

Philip's Portfolio

AATD Reflection

by Philip Kendall

I was surprised at how enthralling this project was. I found staring at a picture of a protein structure fascinating. I was intrigued by the alpha-helices and beta-pleated sheets of a protein involved in a disease that I did not know existed. Of something... (Read more)

Fast Times at Genetic Diseases High

by Philip Kendall

I had originally signed up for genetic diseases to make the fourth quarter of my senior yer easier. I had expected to do some work, but mainly coast by so I could graduate. My main concerns were AP biology, calculus,... (Read more)

Four Corners Activity

     I found the four corners activity intriguing. It asked questionsI had not thought of, and ones I may be facing in my lifetime. The ability to sequence and analyze DNA is an immense tool, but it must be handled properly so the mistakes from past science do not... (Read more)