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Johanna's Portfolio

My class learned basic programming using the website tool Scratch. It taught basic ideas in a fun environment. For our final we created a game. Mine is a math problem solving game with a medieval theme: Unit 4: Scratch Final.

Nancy's Portfolio

So I was recently tasked with the assignment of having to find an app or extension in the Google Chrome store, create a screencast, and then have a Google Hangout with a few fellow students.  The first thing I did was search the Chrome store.  I wanted to find an app or extension that would... (Read more)

Ryan Leonard

MathForm Demo

No Comments 14/01/16, 20:12

I created a small program called MathForm to allow students to type mathematical equations into Google Forms.  The code is open-source under the GPLv3 license.  A quick video demonstration of MathForm’s functionality is attached to this post.

Eyob's Digital Portfolio

All About Eyob

  • My  Family  is  David  And   Jack  
  • My  goal is to build a snowman.
  • My  favorite books are about abraham Lincoln.
  • My  favorite subjects are Math  and Library.
  • My  interests  are sailing.
  • I  love  to play  soccer   and  basketball

Sample's Portfolio

Abstract: The Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (GDRSD) is a pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade regional district with a current enrollment of 2,500 students. All students are learning in a technology-rich learning environment with reliable network infrastructure, modern computing devices, and a standards-focused curriculum. With continued progress toward student growth targets on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment... (Read more)

Fernanda's Portfolio

Who was Wayne Williams?
Wayne Bertram Williams was born on May 27, 1958 and raised in Atlanta’s Dixie Hills neighborhood of Northwest Atlanta to Homer and Faye Williams. Both parents were teachers. Williams graduated from Douglass High school and developed a keen interest in radio and journalism. Eventually he constructed his own carrier-current radio... (Read more)

Anthony's Portfolio


12 Comments 22/02/16, 16:08 anthonyc2024

Do you want to get in a world of imagination? Do you want to fill your mind with  funny characters?  Do you want your school work to be easy? Then you should read a book. I think that more kids should do more reading because you can read anytime, you can’t do school... (Read more)

Cole's Portfolio

Kids should not have homework because they should play outside and they already do to much work in school.  This makes me feel that kids should not have homework and do more stuff like sports.

One reason that kids should not have homework is that they should play outside. For... (Read more)

Adam's Portfolio

Dear Dr. Katie Novak.

Have you ever stayed up all night doing your homework? Well I have and it stinks. Once I even fell asleep doing my homework.  Teachers should not give out homework to kids.

One reason that teachers should not give out homework to kids is that... (Read more)

Charlotte's Portfolio

Have you ever thought of not giving your class homework? Well if I were you, I would.It is not fair that kids have homework. Kids should not have homework because they do enough work in school, they should play outside instead, and if they are busy they won’t have time. You should agree.... (Read more)

Ryan's Portfolio

Do you think that kids spend lots of time doing homework instead of playing outside or going to sleep early because they are so tired from doing all the work in school?  If so, read on to find out why kids should not be given homework.

Kids should not be given... (Read more)

Jonathan's Portfolio

Do you know that when I finish my homework it is usually dark out or that I do so much work  in school?   Well, kids should  have no homework and here are some reasons why.

One reason that kids should have no homework is because when they finish their homework, it... (Read more)

Nasta's Portfolio

    Do you want to hear all about my favorite hobby?  

   I love baseball. I played a game on         April 26, 2o15.  We won 5 to 4.  We played Pepperell.  I hit a homerun in a row.  I really wanted to be the pitcher and I have... (Read more)

Aaron's Portfolio

There is nothing better than sitting on the couch playing video games.  Parents do not know that kids should play video games.

One reason that all kids should play video games is that video games can teach you.  For example, in Minecraft when you build stuff. You use math like when... (Read more)

Thea's Portfolio

It’s usually tough to drag yourself out of bed the Monday morning after vacation, but not so much this week!  Thanks to an email over vacation, I knew that there was the best first-day-back-from-vacation present EVER waiting for me in my classroom:  a dedicated class set of 30 new ChromeBooks, thanks to a grant from... (Read more)

Students from E Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:

Having computers every day is great,

Because writing is something I will always hate.

Now everything we can type,

It makes a much easier life.

Though... (Read more)

Students from D Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:

Thank You To the GDEF

You gave us this wonderful gift,

So it seems very fair,

To write you a thank you poem,

For all that... (Read more)

Students from A Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.28.22 AM


from Cole C.



Dear GDEF,

The chromebooks in our classes have made life much easier and has... (Read more)

Students from C Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:

28 April 2015

Dear GDEF,

My name is Sydney and I am in 7th Grade Pre-Algebra 1 with Ms. Durling. In our daily classes we use chromebooks a lot but not as much as we do... (Read more)

One of our new standards in seventh grade math under the Common Core State Standards asks students to be able to visualize and predict what two-dimensional shapes will result from slicing a three-dimensional object with a plane.  For example, slicing a sphere will result in the creation of a circle, but slicing a cube will result... (Read more)

Stephen's Portfolio

“I would like to thank each and every one of you in the audience for supporting me. I, in turn, promise to support you as you do me, to prove to you that you made the right choice. You have taken time to think about the leader you would elect to be yours, and concluded... (Read more)