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Nancy's Portfolio

I never used Google Forms before and was a little hesitant to try it since it seemed intimidating.  However, I have to say it was really easy to use.   I decided to use it to create a quiz for my students as a review for an upcoming test on the American Revolution which is... (Read more)

Lily's ePortfolio

I feel like making my Social Studies House Project was a good experience to have. I learned a lot on how to do different things on the computer, like links and things like that. Before the project I didn’t know how to do all these things, but now I do! It was really fun... (Read more)

Cole's Portfolio

Kids should not have homework because they should play outside and they already do to much work in school.  This makes me feel that kids should not have homework and do more stuff like sports.

One reason that kids should not have homework is that they should play outside. For... (Read more)

Ryan's Portfolio

Do you think that kids spend lots of time doing homework instead of playing outside or going to sleep early because they are so tired from doing all the work in school?  If so, read on to find out why kids should not be given homework.

Kids should not be given... (Read more)

Jonathan's Portfolio

Do you know that when I finish my homework it is usually dark out or that I do so much work  in school?   Well, kids should  have no homework and here are some reasons why.

One reason that kids should have no homework is because when they finish their homework, it... (Read more)

Brenna's Portfolio


Epigenetics deals with environmental influences on a person’s DNA. These influences can lead to developmental problems and disease. Those who study epigenetics examine the chemical reactions that “activate and deactivate the genome” and possible influences upon these reactions. Changes in gene expression occur during development and are important to differentiation. When genes are turned on... (Read more)