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Nicole's Portfolio

One of the assignments during the Google Apps for Education course was to become familiar with Google Hangouts on Air. I did this by first researching the tool Thinglink, created a screencast on how to use the tool and then shared this with my classmates. You can see this video below. Next, I posed questions... (Read more)

Over the past few weeks, my students took on the exhilarating challenge of opening their own travel agency.  Well, not a real, functioning travel agency that real tourists would book through, but one that would take our Spanish II Honors class on a virtual journey through Ecuador, Argentina and Peru.  Students were given the task of... (Read more)

Sra. Liebold

  •  Use of Mindmeister  to enhance learning
  • My Google Hangout was on Mindmeister, a tool which allows both teacher or student  how to “map out” an idea, a concept or steps on how to do something.  It can be a useful tool because it is graphically pleasing, it can... (Read more)

Ainsley's Digital Portfolio

For the Summer Language Exploration 2016, I created, The World I Want To Live In: A Visual Poem. Midsummer Sky by Kevin MacLeod (


Michelle Milne

Genetic Diseases

Mrs. Salemme

31 January 2019

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects dopamine producing neurons in the brain. Some symptoms of parkinson’s are tremors, balance problems, and difficulty speaking. Currently, there is no cure but some... (Read more)

Saanvi's Digital Portfolio

What is connection? Connection may have many meanings such as internet connection, computer connections, or other terms. But in this hard time most of us focus on one part of connection, which is how we all share what we have in common to find ways to keep in touch and stay together no... (Read more)

Sample's Portfolio

Abstract: The Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (GDRSD) is a pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade regional district with a current enrollment of 2,500 students. All students are learning in a technology-rich learning environment with reliable network infrastructure, modern computing devices, and a standards-focused curriculum. With continued progress toward student growth targets on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment... (Read more)

Mrs. Leung's Portfolio


1 Comment 8/06/15, 19:50 jenniferl2014

No, the title of this post isn’t a typo.

My experiment in the GDRMS Bring Your Own Device program has been nothing short of Bring Your Own Amazing. Since June 3, students in my Language Arts classes have been allowed to bring their own personal computing devices to class and the response has been more than I... (Read more)

Thea's Portfolio

Students from E Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:

Having computers every day is great,

Because writing is something I will always hate.

Now everything we can type,

It makes a much easier life.

Though... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

My Year

1 Comment 16/06/16, 15:52 mayab2021

So I don’t know if this counts as a post about my work but I think it is something that needs to be out there.

This year 7th grade ELA with Mrs. Leung has been absolutely amazing. You take English Language Arts from the time you are young, learning how... (Read more)