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Luke Callahan

In January, I wrote that a traditional assignment, submitted to the teacher, graded behind the scene and sent home to be recycled, is no longer an effective method for monitoring student achievement. In addition to lacking an authentic audience and not reaching students where... (Read more)

Max's Portfolio

I made a website about tennis for my final project. This was my second favorite project because I enjoyed working with HTML. Here is the code for the homepage; all the images were my own:

<!DOCTYPE html>


background-color: Chartreuse;
color: black;
text-align:... (Read more)

Annick's Portfolio

The above is an example of a pedigree tree Eleanor’s family, with the colorblindness, hemophilia A, and brown teeth mutations present. From this tree, it shows Eleanor carries the colorblindness and Hemophilia gene from her blood relatives, though is not affected by it herself. Both are sexed linked, and it is up to the father,... (Read more)

Christopher's Portfolio

Reflect on what stood out in your mind about this movie – what is something new that you learned?  What is something that you kind of knew about, but now it makes much more sense to you?  What did they do in the movie that helped you understand these concepts better?  What is still confusing?... (Read more)

Eliana's Portfolio


Artist Statement

My artwork is a watercolor painting of an autumn dahlia flower. It starts out as pink in the middle then the petals are yellow and fade into a pink around the edges. The flower is in a ball... (Read more)

Nicholas' Portfolio

What was your ‘Essential Question’?
My essential question was, “How do I construct a fully functional maple syrup evaporator from scratch?”

What excited you about this topic?
What excited me about this project was being able to have the ability to boil more syrup at a time and boil it faster than I... (Read more)

Nancy's Portfolio

So I was recently tasked with the assignment of having to find an app or extension in the Google Chrome store, create a screencast, and then have a Google Hangout with a few fellow students.  The first thing I did was search the Chrome store.  I wanted to find an app or extension that would... (Read more)

Zachary Bissonnette


Why ThingLink?

ThingLink is a way to make images more interactive. I loved this add-on and use it with labeling in Spanish. When learning a second language, it is so important to learn the target language without going through multiple languages. For example,... (Read more)


About My Tool: EduCanon

EduCanon allows teachers and students to create interactive videos. They are very simple to use, having an extremely clear, user-friendly website to manipulate all of its features. As a teacher, I strive for one-hundred percent student engagement,... (Read more)

Gabriela's Portfolio

Welcome to GDRSD Portfolio Sites. This is your first digital portfolio post! Edit or delete it, then start using this tool to capture how awesome you are!

Pamela's Portfolio

The GD Players have been working tirelessly on their 2017 fall play, Twelve Angry Jurors. This grippingly intense production, written by Reginald Rose and directed by Chris Olson, centers around a jury deliberating the case of a family murder. A teenage boy, accused of killing his father, faces our 12 jurors. If they see him... (Read more)

Each year high schools are allowed to nominate two juniors for the All State application process. During the 2016-217 school year, I was rigorously interviewed by the All-State panel for the opportunity to be mentored by prominent artists in a two day program at U Mass Dartmouth in June.

gdrhs-day-meets-night-allstate-2017(Read more)

Submitted to the 2017 Scholastic and Writing Finals.


Madison's Portfolio

Maddie Donahue
Genetic Diseases
GM Foods and Crops
GM (genetically modified) foods and crops are a recent experiment conducted by multiple scientists, with many goals for the outcome of these new foods. These foods have been genetically modified to produce desirable traits and properties. The basis of this... (Read more)

Nicholas's Portfolio


Dear Mrs. Maio,

My best poem I have written is my ekphrastic poem because I thought I did a very good job on it, and I thought that the art I was writing about gave me many ideas on how to get started. My other poems can be better and I could revise them... (Read more)


This is one of my many assignments from my 7th grade English class. This is the one I’m probably the most proud of, and the one I really would like to show off. It isn’t a poem this time, it’s a short story, and I worked really hard on it. So sit back, relax, and... (Read more)



Charlie’s Self Portrait

Colored Pencil, Marker
My artwork is a drawing of my face with a bagel as my neck. On my forehead I have the celtics logo. On my eyelashes... (Read more)

Lauren's Portfolio

27 April 2015

Dear Ms. Maio,

The poem I consider to be my best is my mimic poem. I feel it uses great descriptive language, onomatopoeia, rhyme, other literary devices, and expresses feeling. In one stanza I wrote, “When flowers sprout up from the ground, In brilliant colors of all kinds, And the... (Read more)



My artwork is supposed to look like me with symbols for other stuff such as a tree, clover, and the Lorax. The title of my work is called Portrait. On my piece of art, I used an instrument for... (Read more)



Artist statement
By: Allegra Gutermann

The setting of my artwork is a big t maple tree on top of a grassy hill. There is a boy leaning on the maple tree. It is around the fall time in my painting. The title of my... (Read more)

Maggie's Portfolio

April 15 2015

Dear Ms. Maio,

The poetry unit has almost been like a journey for me because I have learned so much and improved as a writer. I feel that my Ekphrastic poem, Reflections, is my best poem. Before writing this poem, this unit was very difficult for me. I was having... (Read more)


My artwork has a light blue background with a yellow outline around the flower. The subject matter of this painting is the Anemone. I created this painting by using the technique wet on dry.  I used large paint brushes to color the background and smaller paintbrushes for the yellow outline.  I... (Read more)

Jenna's Portfolio

The first source is called “Rainbow Connections” followed by “Excerpt from Believing in Horses” by Valerie Ormond, and last but not least is “Clownfish and Sea Anemone” These three sources show that Everyone needs each other, and is not alone.
First, in the video “Rainbow Connections” rainbows need sunshine and rain. An example is... (Read more)



WaterColor Artist Statement

Roman Cirignano


My watercolor creation looks very soft with the colors starting to fade. I like how it looks because it kind of adds an effect that it is foggy out. Also, there is a... (Read more)


Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 8.39.22 AM

My artwork is a picture of a begonia which is a type of flower. My flower is blue and purple and there is a shadow to the left. I created my artwork by looking at a picture... (Read more)


Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 12.32.55 PM For my artwork I drew my eye and eyebrow. I put my symbols in the white part of my eye and colored the actual colored part of my eye, green with tints of yellow. I also colored my eyelashes and eyebrows... (Read more)

Anne's Portfolio

An Analysis of Sjogren’s Syndrome


Research Question: What is Sjogren’s Syndrome, and how do genetic and environmental factors compound to cause its symptoms?


Independent Project by Anne Madden


What is Sjogren’s?

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks... (Read more)

Jessica's Portfolio

We did a wevideo on climate change. Our topic and title were “Where does climate change affect most people?”. We showed pictures that related to our topic. We also had explanations for the answers we found for our question. We made a bibliography with all our sources as well.


41785790-361D-4975-BF10-8E0F2C3348EFThis is my tessellation that I made in art class. It is a color theory, these colors are purple, green and red.  It is a mix of warm and cool colors, this is not consider as any animals, it is just a simple design. I outlined... (Read more)

Hailey's Portfolio

In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.


symbolic self portrait

My rainbow eye was created by doing one color (red ) and blending it into the orange and so on. 

So the colors were rainbow and going all around the eye. At first I wanted it to look like... (Read more)

Jackson's Portfolio

In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production with available technology, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.

Kyle's Portfolio

Saint George the Slayer


My fair maiden watches in awe

As my spear of justice stands

At the ready plunge into the beast’s head

I have stood ready waiting for the

foul creature to sliver

(Read more)

Lily's ePortfolio

I feel like making my Social Studies House Project was a good experience to have. I learned a lot on how to do different things on the computer, like links and things like that. Before the project I didn’t know how to do all these things, but now I do! It was really fun... (Read more)

In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production with available technology, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.

Nora's Digital Portfolio

In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.

Olivia's Portfolio

In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production with available technology, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.


In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production with available technology, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.

Sydney's ePortfolio

In Mr. Smith’s class, I wrote and produced an original green screen pizza box production with available technology, crafting my own backgrounds and puppets to tell a story about the American Revolution in Massachusetts.

Patrick's Digital Portfolio

Patrick Elastic

Neil's Digital Portfolio


Jaelynn's Digital Portfolio

Jaelynn Elastic

Bruce's Digital Portfolio

Bruce Elastic

Gianna's Digital Portfolio

Gianna Elastic

Jillian's Digital Portfolio

Jillian Elastic

Mason's Digital Portfolio

Mason Elastic

Carter's Digital Portfolio

Carter Elastic

Edan's Digital Portfolio

Edan Elastic

Faye's Digital Portfolio

Faye Elastic

Robert's Digital Portfolio

Robby Elastic

Parker's Digital Portfolio

Parker Elastic

Natalie's Digital Portfolio

Natalie Elastic

Julia's Digital Portfolio

Julia Elastic

ForrestR2026 Portfolio


Forrest Rivard


 Self Portrait 


My artwork is a self portrait that shows things that relate to me in it.  I chose to draw the things that represent me inside of my head because that’s where I think about everything I’m doing... (Read more)

Saanvi's Digital Portfolio

What is connection? Connection may have many meanings such as internet connection, computer connections, or other terms. But in this hard time most of us focus on one part of connection, which is how we all share what we have in common to find ways to keep in touch and stay together no... (Read more)

Sample's Portfolio

Abstract: The Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (GDRSD) is a pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade regional district with a current enrollment of 2,500 students. All students are learning in a technology-rich learning environment with reliable network infrastructure, modern computing devices, and a standards-focused curriculum. With continued progress toward student growth targets on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment... (Read more)

Christine's Portfolio


Dear Ms. Maio,

I consider either my villanelle or my ekphrastic poem to be my best.  I consider my villanelle to be one of my best because I was able to take full advantage of this poem form.  By this I mean that I took advantage of the repeating lines having the... (Read more)

George's Portfolio

Forensic Science
Unit 2: Physical Evidence

The Atlanta Child Murders: A Case Study in Fiber Analysis

Please research the Wayne Bertram Williams case and answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Who was Wayne Williams? 23 year old african-american freelance photographer
Tell me generally about the victims (the 5 W’s).... (Read more)

Jordan's Portfolio

Name:  __Jordan Dorff_______________________ Date: ________2/5/15_______________

Landmark Forensic Science Cases

For this assignment, you are to research the Frye v. United States and Daubert v. Merrell Dow cases.

  1. Compare and contrast them in terms of how they relate to admissibility of scientific evidence in the courtroom.
  2. Find real criminal cases on which each of these... (Read more)

Paige's Portfolio

Elena sits on the couch in her apartment’s living room as she mindlessly scrolls through her phone’s contacts, deleting the multitude of people she no longer remembers off of the list. The room is small like the rest of the apartment, but the walls are covered in pictures of friends, artsy photos, and paintings that... (Read more)

Ethan's Portfolio

What did you find  interesting in this movie?


I found the amount of specific, scientific investigation very interesting. So much detail and precision went into examining every shred of evidence. I also found it interesting that the jury chose to find Kevin Neal guilty when the evidence was beginning to point heavily towards his... (Read more)

What stood out to me the most in this case was how distinct connections could be made to almost every weapon that was found. When a 29 year old man was killed on October 10, 2003, one of the surviving victims was convinced her attackers were African-American. Several expended cartridges were recovered from a drunk... (Read more)

Cary's Portfolio

In this study, I researched the difference between the Frye and Daubert standards. I learned a lot from doing this research. I also worked hard to improve this study by adding more details to my writing.

Compare and contrast them in terms of how they relate to admissibility of scientific evidence in the courtroom.

They... (Read more)

Fernanda's Portfolio

Frye v. Daubert

No Comments 15/04/15, 18:39

  1. Compare and contrast them in terms of how they relate to admissibility of scientific evidence in the courtroom.

In the Frye V. case, a test that did not had scientific recognition (systolic blood pressure) was presented by the defense of the suspect, but wasn’t taken into account by the jury because it was... (Read more)

Let’s talk about the most famous detective (or should I say private consultant?) to ever exist: Sherlock Holmes. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and published for the first time in 1888, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and their criminal adventures are, even 120 years after being published, still, not only a literary success, but also a massive... (Read more)

Sydney's Portfolio

Kids think that reading is boring and dumb,and maybe  a waste of time like in library kids just get a book and don’t read it. But I disagree. Reading is one of the best things you could do for your brain. Reading is fun. Come on just go and read. Don’t just read... (Read more)

Charlotte's Portfolio

Have you ever thought of not giving your class homework? Well if I were you, I would.It is not fair that kids have homework. Kids should not have homework because they do enough work in school, they should play outside instead, and if they are busy they won’t have time. You should agree.... (Read more)

Andrea's Portfolio

You will need to research the case and answer the following at a minimum.

I The Case

Brief description of the case

Shirley McKie was a police officer in Kilmarnock, Scotland. She was investigating the murder

of Marion Ross when she arrested David Asbury and took him in. She was testifying in the

murder trial... (Read more)

What have you learned about crime scene management and evidence collection?  Do the guidelines make sense to you?  What steps do you think are the most important to secure the crime scene and minimize tampering/maximize evidence location?

Based on the notes from the PowerPoint that we took, and the video that we watched,... (Read more)

Andrea Whitney

You will need to research the case of Richard Munoz Ramirez (The “Night Stalker”) and answer the following questions.

I Background:  Detail the following:

  1. Where was he from?

Richard was born in El Paso, Texas.

  1. Who was his family?

His parents were Mercedes and Julian Ramirez who worked as... (Read more)

Kylee's Portfolio

Are you  thinking about going on vacation? Do you have a vacation spot? You should  go to Ogunquit, ME. Ogunquit is the best vacation spot. Ogunquit is the best vacation spot  because it’s very relaxing and quiet, the beaches are gorgeous, and you can do a lot of fun stuff. Did you know... (Read more)

Tanner's Portfolio

Do you like vacation? Do you have a vacation spot yet? Well I have the perfect spot for you and your kids (if you have kids). It is a 9 letter word. No, it is not Minnesota it is the Caribbean home of the the white sand beaches and the shady palm trees.... (Read more)

Holden Costa School Blog

In the past several years, a new technology has arisen known as Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. GMOs are organisms that have had their genetics purposefully changed by humans in specific ways. This is different than selective breeding where the genetics are changed slowly and imprecisely. GMOs are also different because the introduced genetic code... (Read more)

Huntington’s Disease is a genetic disorder caused by an inability to produce properly formed Huntingtin Protein. The day’s functional protein is caused by a series of CAG repeats along one part of Chromosome 4. The altered Huntingtin causes neurological breakdown in the Basal Ganglia and cortex leading to difficult cross-brain communication and motor control... (Read more)

The Human Genome is a complex and intricate environment that, through mutations, inheritance, and relative strengths of genes, can change and develop over time. Sometimes, these changes prove valuable, an example being the loss of hair in humans leading to better performance in long distance running, but this change can also prove problematic.... (Read more)

Little Details

There are monogenic and complex traits within us. People are mostly taught how traits have two alleles and can be influenced with those genes. They provide a classic pattern with dominant and recessive. This is classified as monogenic traits. Yet, there are the traits that are influenced by several genes causing different variations, not following... (Read more)

find gene

We were given a worksheet where we had to find the one “puzzle piece” (mutation) from a family. Since it was color-coded, we were given a laminated version to use to see the colors better. I found it relatively easy to find the... (Read more)

There were a few things I had known before watching the movie, “What Darwin didn’t know,” but there were some things I had not known and learned from the movie. To start, we learn that a single human has 23,000  protein-coding genes. From that, there can be mutations within the DNA. What I found interesting... (Read more)

Gordon's Digital Portfolio

Blood Type lab

No Comments 9/04/15, 19:21

  1. The four blood types are A, B, AB, and O
  2. Blood type AB has both a and b proteins. Blood type O has both antibodies.
  3. Genes are parts of chromosomes passed down from parents that determine a certain characteristic in their offspring. An allele is a form of a gene, where humans have two... (Read more)

Ballistics Lab

No Comments 9/04/15, 19:20

The ballistics unit proved to be very engaging. The job of a ballistics specialist is extremely detail-oriented and meticulous. We used a simulation online to attempt to match 4 bullets to 4 reference bullets. A bullet is super difficult to match, because it is a clyndrical object. There is no direct face, or place that... (Read more)

  1. daubertFrye and Daubert  both deal with judging evidence during a case. Each case contains the presentation of scientific fact, and the ruling on how legitimate the evidence is comes into play. Both cases have expert witnesses, which do not, in the eyes of... (Read more)

Garrett's Digital Portfolio

My time in 7th grade was amazing in ELA with Mrs. Leung. I always felt the same here but the entire time I changed without noticing. So from looking at it here and now I want to show you one of the many ways this class changed me for who I am about reading.

1:... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

There are some things that I liked a lot in seventh grade! One of my favorite things were learning was the book groups. I hated the reading but making the project was fun.


Also when we went to the theater and saw... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio


5. Thesis statements- Learning about thesis statements helped me a lot with my writing, it improved my introductions and summing up my piece.

4. Summaries- Improving my summaries helped me improve my reading, \summaries are very important when you are thinking about what you just read.

3. Descriptive Paragraphs- Learning more about descriptive paragraphs... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

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My Digital Portfolio

  • clay project
  • Rambling Autobiography
  • Rikki-tikki-tavi
  • Topic sentences and Theisis statements
  • Helping circle stories
  • 30 day challenge
  • Why lobsters aren’t food


Ashleigh Siciliano's Portfolio

This year in ELA I learned about everything from understanding poetry to Thesis statements. Over this year I feel that I have grown a lot with my writing and reading abilities. All these skills that I have learned I feel will really help me throughout the rest of middle school and even High school education. Also... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

This was my independent writing project on my fiction story about Orabs. This was the story where an Orabs was trying to be a human.

This the 30 day challenge that I truly hated but it helped me with my typing skillz. But the first time we had to type 200 words was... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

This is my Red Scarf Girl poster that I did with my group after we read the book. The Red Scarf Girl is about a Chinese family during the time of the Cultural Revolution. In the book, Ji Li’s (the main character) father was being accused of being a rightest. Chairman Mao made it so... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

Throughout the year my knowledge has built on top of my prior knowledge. We’ve done projects that include writing stories, completing challenge’s, and reading books all throughout the year. As the school year winds down, we were asked to reflect back on how ELA class has helped us.

For me writing stories has always been... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

Emiko Clark

ELA-D Block


April 14 2016


The Secret Within the House


Emma didn’t have a lot of friends. She was extremely shy, so most of the time she stayed at home. Emma sat in the family room on... (Read more)

Al French

18.1 Finding Order in Diversity

Questions Answers

1. What is the problem with using common names to describe and categories organisms? There can be many of them, and they might refer to different species.
2. What is binomial nomenclature? Which two parts of an... (Read more)




16.1 and 16.2 Darwin’s Voyage of Discovery

Questions Answers

1. Briefly explain the three patterns of variation Darwin noticed (global, local and over time) (16.1) Global- He noticed that similar species inhabited ecologically similar places across the globe

Local- Noticed that different but... (Read more)


17.1 Genes and Variation

Questions Answers

1. In your own words, explain what the following phrase means: “Natural selection acts directly on phenotype, not genotype” Natural selection is more focused on the characteristics of the animal, not the alleles.
2. Explain the... (Read more)


No Comments 9/01/18, 17:07 allisonf2021


7.1 Life Is Cellular

Questions Answers

1. Where did the term “cells” come from? Who coined the term for the use it has in science today? Robert Hooke thought that they (cells) looked like monastery rooms.  They were called cells.
2. What is... (Read more)

3.1 What Is Ecology?

Questions Answers

1a. There are many levels at which a scientist can approach ecology. Order the following from most specific to most broad, or “smallest to largest”: Biome, Community, Species, Biosphere, Ecosystem, Population
1b. How does an ecosystem differ from a community?
(Read more)


2.1 The Nature of Matter

Questions Answers

1. Name and describe the three subatomic particles that make up atoms. Proton: positive particle in the nucleus

Neutron: neutral particle in nucleus

Electron: negative particle that is much smaller in the electron cloud outside... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

My Digital Portfolio

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My Digital Portfolio

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My Digital Portfolio

This is my PowToon that I made with Xander Lincon.

I learned a lot in ELA this year. Something that I learned this year that I thought was cool was a turduckin.  Another thing that I learned that I think will help me later in life is how to quote a... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

  1. The number one thing I learned in ELA would have to be introductions. Before this year my introductions were very weak and most likely would not have got the attention of the reader. I would usually just have re-stated the prompt that they gave you which would usually not catch the reader’s attention. Now... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

  • Poetry doesn’t have to be confusing
  • Essays don’t have to be boring
  • A project doesn’t mean a poster or power point
  • The difference between a prediction and an inference
  • The 5 elements of poetry

A very non-boring project


My Digital Portfolio

“Boggle vs Scrabble” three paragraphs response was one of my favorite writing pieces. One paragraph in specific I thought was very well done.

        Julia Turner is a great writer and shared many great points and claims. One, however, stood out to me as the one that pushed me over... (Read more)

Henry Vandermillen's Digital Profile


10: Mood vs. Tone

9: How theatre is made interesting

8: How to dig deeper into fiction with notice and note

7: How to write grammatically correct sentences

6: Human Rights vs. Civil Rights

5: How to choose text evidence

4: How to create a strong thesis

3: What are the human rights?

2: How... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

  1. Narrative’s
  2. Subject- noun and pronoun
  3. Choosing text evidence and quoting it
  4. How to Identify run-ons
  5.  Topic sentences and thesis statements

My Digital Portfolio

This piece of writing helped me learn how to cite my quotations, I never usually did before we did this project. Also, it helped me learn how to construct a good essay. In the past I was not very good at it, but I have improved on essays because of all of our work this... (Read more)

Thea's Portfolio

Students from A Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.28.22 AM


from Cole C.



Dear GDEF,

The chromebooks in our classes have made life much easier and has... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

  1. Poetry
  2. Summarizing and Paraphrasing
  3. Paraphrasing, citing evidence
  4. Writing a Thesis
  5. Tone and Mood

The “Five Elements of Poetry Analysis” was helpful because I never understood Poetry before and I understand it better now that I’ve been through that lesson.  Summarizing and Paraphrasing lessons were helpful because now I can make a better summary... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

  1.  How to have more descriptive writing
  2.  How to cite quotes
  3.  How to break down poems
  4.  How to write essays
  5.  How to be a rapper (Comma Splice)

My Digital Portfolio

In 7th grade ELA, I learned the following:

  • How to improve use of Non-negotiable norms
  • How to use and understand mood and tone
  • How to use metaphors and symbolism
  • How plays are written and structured
  • How to sight evidence from text

My Digital Portfolio

  1. Quoting-How to quote and cite your quotes from the text
  2. Plot Structure-The graph on plot structure and the different pionts on the graph
  3. Writing A Thesis-How to make it good and make people want to read my piece of writing
  4. 5 Elements of Poetry-Form, Speaker, Imagery, Figurative Language, and Sound
  5. Analyzing Text-Say, Mean, and... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

So I gotta be completely honest. At the beginning of the school year I feared ELA. I thought ELA would just be a lot of boring junk about grammar and famous writers and reading. I just wanted to get through at the beginning. But after a least 2 months of prompts and fun projects I... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

My Year

1 Comment 16/06/16, 15:52 mayab2021

So I don’t know if this counts as a post about my work but I think it is something that needs to be out there.

This year 7th grade ELA with Mrs. Leung has been absolutely amazing. You take English Language Arts from the time you are young, learning how... (Read more)

She Was Lost

1 Comment 16/06/16, 15:32 mayab2021

There was a poster hanging on a coffee shop window. The top read “MISSING” in frantic letters. There was a picture of a girl. She looked like me at one point. Smiling and happy, in a cute sundress with her hair done nice.

And there I stood. Looking in the glass of the... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

This is a video of my STOMP Project and I am proud of it because it took a lot of time for my friends and I to figure it out and I think it turned out good.



Below is my first Narrative Writing Piece from 7th Grade. I am proud of it because this was the first time I used a plot stucture in my writing and I think it worked well. I also was very descriptive while writing this.

Somewhere Over In New York


She... (Read more)

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My Digital Portfolio

  1. escape 7
  2. mood in “A Christmas Carol”
  3. 30 day challenge
  4. 30 day challenge reflection
  5. introduction idol
  6. boggle v.s. scrabble
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. type racer (a.k.a the website that will make you throw your computer)

My Digital Portfolio

This year was a great year in ELA. I learned how to write new things like a thesis. My writing has improved by a lot this year and I hope it will improve more next year. My reading this year was ok. I read a lot of books in the beginning of the year and... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

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My Digital Portfolio

Ela posts

No Comments 16/06/17, 14:52 ethane2022

Reflection on work this year.   I believe this year has been very successful for me. My reading has improved and my writing dramatically improved.  I enjoyed the year and Mrs.Leung teaching me. Most of the year I had an positive time, and there were very few times where I was not enjoying learning in... (Read more)

My Digital Portfolio

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Caroline's Portfolio

My beginning essential question for my project is “Could the disease Homocystinuria potentially over time grow to be not as rare at it is now?” I am interested in this topic because a friend of mine has this genetic disease and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about it. There... (Read more)

Hallie's Portfolio


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Identical Twins, Identical Fate?


Epigenetics is the study of the chemical reactions that activate and deactivate parts of the genome at strategic times/locations, and the factors that influence them. According to the article within the case study, during an... (Read more)

Owen's Portfolio


In this lab we worked in pairs to throw in order to dive deeper into the ideas of crossing over. To do this we tossed Popsicle stick toward a vertical line on a piece of paper. The vertical line was marked A, B, C, D, E, and F and each were at their own... (Read more)

The four corners activity gave me new insight on the topics and questions that are difficult to answer. For the questions there was no right or wrong answer, but they are very important questions. I agreed with some questions, but disagreed with others. The question which involved the... (Read more)

Molly's Portfolio

There are four main characteristics of autosomal dominant traits in passing down genetic mutations carrying diseases on them. An affected person on average will also have an affected parent and has a 50% chance of passing the trait to their own child. Males and females are equally likely to inherit the disease from their parents... (Read more)

There are five main characteristics of autosomal recessive traits that help identify the type of inheritance. Both males and females have an equal chance to be affected by the genetic disease and its is commonly found between siblings however, the parents are rarely affected despite passing the gene mutation. All offspring of carrier parents will... (Read more)

Before we did this activity I was set that I would never want to know anything about my DNA that would tell me about a disease I would eventually develop. If I’m going to- at some point of my life- have a genetic disease that cannot be prevented or treated I do not want to... (Read more)

Erica's Portfolio

Before the activity I didn’t really think about anyone having access to your genes except for yourself and your doctor, however after the discussion I realized there were many troubling things about sharing your genes. For starters if you have the ability to develop some type of disease you could face discrimination, whether it be... (Read more)

Jacob's Portfolio


Have you ever wondered why a child may differ so much in physical appearance from it’s parents? The fact that no one person shares the same characteristics with you is really quite fascinating. During the process in which gametes are created, diploid... (Read more)

Brenna's Portfolio


Inheritance and linkage between traits are somewhat related. Linked genes are considered genes that are close together on the same chromosome. This close distance allows them to not be sorted independently and to be either inherited together or not at all. Certain traits you inherit can come in pairs; for example red hair and blue... (Read more)


Epigenetics deals with environmental influences on a person’s DNA. These influences can lead to developmental problems and disease. Those who study epigenetics examine the chemical reactions that “activate and deactivate the genome” and possible influences upon these reactions. Changes in gene expression occur during development and are important to differentiation. When genes are turned on... (Read more)

Gender linked diseases affect both genders, but tend to be more common in males than females. While females can be carriers and still unaffected by a disease, males can only be infected or normal. These types of genetic diseases are due to defective sex chromosomes and are completely separate from other types of genetic diseases.... (Read more)


There is much debate about the ethics of genetics. Different opinions and views are the reasons why there is not just one correct answer. Our genetic diseases class had an ethics debate on our first day to get a feel for what we think. By analyzing different statements, we would decide whether we agreed with them or... (Read more)

Stephen's Portfolio

“I would like to thank each and every one of you in the audience for supporting me. I, in turn, promise to support you as you do me, to prove to you that you made the right choice. You have taken time to think about the leader you would elect to be yours, and concluded... (Read more)