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To Embed or Copy/Paste a Google Doc?

First step, create a Google Doc. Give the document a title, add content.

From here, click “File”… Then, “Publish to the web…” You then select the blue button, “Publish”. Select “OK” on the pop-box.

Copy and paste the URL Google provides. In this case, it is:

Visit your digital portfolio and create a “Post”. For this step, we have created a Google Doc location to paste the URL from above. Note, you will need to remove: from the link as well as the /pub

You will paste in just the unique document URL as show below:


Google Doc Embed Code

As you can see, it is possible to embed your Google Docs (shown below). Another option would be to copy/paste the contents of the Google Doc directly into the “Post” for a few more options and a better/look and feel (shown here). Also note, changes made to the Google Doc will take a few minutes to appear as Google “publishes” the changes!

If you have any questions, please email Luke Callahan at Thank you!

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