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Fingerprint Reflection

I think that fingerprinting is a great, reliable, and effective means of identification. As far as my knowledge goes, I have never heard of fingerprints being wrong. Since each fingerprint is completely unique, it can’t be confused or mismatched by a fingerprint analyst and can only be from one person. Because I have dry skin on my hands, I left little to no prints on the glass beaker that we used. Even after wiping my hands and fingers on my forehead and nose, it was still very difficult to leave prints. I might have also had a better time lifting the prints if I had some oil on my fingers, but I still learned the methodology with ease. The unit taught me that evidence is everywhere, and also to never leave any scenario uninvestigated. Evidence collection is slow, tedious, and methodical business that requires the utmost patience and caution. I know that I would not do well at this particular job.

This reflection was written after my class had done a whole unit on fingerprinting and

dna analysis. This unit was very entertaining as well as informative.

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