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“Impressive” Impressions

Displaying IMG_2083.JPGIn class we learned how impressions can be used in forensic scenarios. For example, a murder has been committed. The victim has been left at the scene yet with little evidence. The evidence included a footprint, this footprint can be linked to a specific shoe brand including the size. The shoe size can be linked back to a previous forensic method we have learned, anthropometric measurements. The shoe size can give authorities a educated guess at the height of the murderer. This could not have been done without the impression left behind at the scene. The footprint could also be kept for a longer period of time by casting.

We also conducted a lab using toy cars. In a small group we compared and contrasted Displaying IMG_2084.JPGthe different impressions left behind by the plastic tires. Depending on the model and year of the car or tires a appropriate estimate on the model of car can be made at a crime scene. My group using ink pads and toy cars, recorded the eight toy cars and identified them with letters.


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