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ECS HTML Project

My favorite project in the course Exploring Computer Science was the HTML website project. In this project I was required to make a webpage with four pages about a certain topic, which included elements like background, rollover images, headings, links, layout styles and images. My topic of my webpage was about weightlifting. I weight lift usually about three times a week, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a webpage about it since I know about it well. In addition to my homepage, I talked about weightlifting, some exercises, and how to start weightlifting in my webpage. Creating a webpage opened my eyes to the internet and computers. It was nice to create and understand something I use everyday. Wether on Youtube, Wikipedia, or ESPN, websites require html for people to use. Before this project, it was a mystery to me how websites were created and what html was. After I used html to create my own webpage I started to understand how websites worked and different elements that they incorporated. This project also allowed me to find my interest in html, now I am developing my html skills outside of school. The html project helped me understand a tool that is a part of my daily life and find something that I enjoy doing.


This is the link to a lucid press presentation on my webpage and html elements.

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