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ECS Scratch Project

Swimmy Fish My second favorite project in the course Exploring Computer Science was the Scratch game project. In the Scratch game project we had to create a game using the block programming language Scratch. I created a game called Swimmy Fish. The goal of Swimmy fish is to guide a fish to different depths(levels) of the ocean until the fish reaches the midnight zone of the ocean and eat a pearl to win the game, but on the way the fish has to swim through hordes of sharks, if the fish touches a shark the game is over. To advance to the next level the fish has to follow and then eat food, which is a colored dot, if the fish does not eat food the game is over. This was my second favorite project because I was able to take an idea and turn it into reality. Creating this game showed me that I have the ability to create something that can be used for me and anyone else. I also liked the fact that I could play with my project instead of it being some non- interactive thing I could only look at. This project showed me I can create something fun, new and cool.

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