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Students Thank GDEF for ChromeBooks–E Period

Students from E Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:

Having computers every day is great,

Because writing is something I will always hate.

Now everything we can type,

It makes a much easier life.

Though mainly we still have to write,

These chromebooks have a great might.

And now we can check the answer keys online,

I can stay in this seat of mine.

I mean this so I can do more work,

With all of it at home I go bezerk.

Staying seated saves more time,

Until the announcements begin to chime.

These are so new they seem to shine,

On them you can see no line.

The keys were never pressed,

These new chromebooks are the best!

Brendan C.


The ChromeBooks are magical!  They are a new way of life.  You can store the entire world  just inside a little box.  Plus they even have a little pop of color mixed into them – their oh-so-snazzy blue pants!  I, along with many other people, really appreciate these devices because it’s quite spectacular to work with new technology that we know will store our information and will get it where it needs to be, fast!  That reminds me, with the ChromeBooks quick and automatic start up, you can lift the cover, log in, and BOOM, you’re ready  to roll, all in under thirty seconds (unless you find yourself to be a leisurely-paced typer).  Thank you for pulling out your kindness and generosity (and your wallets)  and getting these fantastic ChromeBooks for us children.  We are truly grateful.

The Very Pleased,




Thanks a lot for the gift. These Chromebooks look very cool and they run very fast. They are an improvement on the old chromebooks that were actually really good.

Thanks a lot,

Sam V


I would like to thank you for these wonderful presents (their like electronic puppies!). I hope that my class can learn to use the chromebooks for things we couldn’t do before, I also hope my class will be able to use them, especially Ms. Durling. To show that I appreciate your gift I would like to give you this poem:

Roses are red,

violets are blue,

I love chromebooks

I hope you do too.

-Your favorite user,

Derek C.


Dear GDEF,

This is a really great gift that you gave us for math. We use chromebooks a lot on math so these new chromebooks are great. I really like how these ones are bigger than the old ones. It is also really good that these new ones are more durable and won’t break as easily as the old ones. The new ones also look much cooler than the old ones. I like the darker colors on them. These new chromebooks will definitely be a big help to our class and other classes for the rest of the year. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!




Dear Groton-Dunstable Education Foundation,

I am so grateful and excited to use these new chromebooks! They are a great addition to our classroom and will be very useful. I love how fast they run and they are just so clean! I especially like the blue touch! Thank you soooo much!

Thank you again,

Carolyn M


Dear GDEF,

I know you are probably getting used to the classic ‘Thank You’ from students, but ‘Thank You’ isn’t really the only type of admiration a person could show. For example, in Asian culture, you show respect by bowing or showing respect towards the individual. So here I send you a digital bow. Or if I was Italian, I would say ‘Grazie’, or in French ‘Merci’. Possibly a Dutch ‘Danke’ maybe a nice Malay ‘Terima Kasih’. But I would have never know those translations or customs if it wasn’t for your generous gift of these newer high-tech, faster working, lag-less Chromebooks. So I show a sign of gratitude towards you in all of those different languages and along with the most cheesy, most overrated and most overused of all, thank you.


Jessie W.

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