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Students Thank GDEF for ChromeBooks–D Period

Students from D Period Math share their thoughts on the new ChromeBook cart provided through a grant from GDEF:

Thank You To the GDEF

You gave us this wonderful gift,

So it seems very fair,

To write you a thank you poem,

For all that you did share.


You brought things to our classroom,

We didn’t have before.

They are so useful (and look cool too).

I wonder what they have in store.


So, thank you for the chromebooks,

they really are a useful tool.

Thank you for bringing these,

Into our school.



Sarah K


Dear GDEF,

Thank you for the new ChromeBooks. They work much faster than the old ones and it’s easier to type and use them. Now that we have our own cart for math class, we can use them whenever we want. When we do PARCC we won’t have to worry as much about the ChromeBooks not working or being too slow. Thank you again for your generous donation to our math class.

Ari N.


Dear GDEF,

I am a 7th grade student of Ms. Durlings, and would like to thank you for your kind action to fund a set of ChromeBooks for our class. This math class in particular revolves around google classroom and other online tools so this set of ChromeBooks will help out a lot. This was very nice and thoughtful thing to do and I think our whole class and the others all really appreciate it. Thank you!

-Cate Bolton

Dear GDEF,

Thank you so much for the gift of the chromebooks. These chromebooks will help us not only with learning but having fun.

Thank you,

                 Sarah Bushnell


Dear GDEF,

Thank you so much for the new ChromeBooks!  I am so happy that we get to use them every day in class now, and now I have a better experience working with my friend as partners with the ChromeBooks.  They are so fast and help me get a better learning experience, so thank you so much!


Kat Irby



Dear Groton Dunstable Education Foundation,

I can not thank you enough that our new class chromebooks! I love them and I know that the other students do too. The chromebooks load very fast and the keys work great. Now we can research new things, watch videos, access google classroom, and never have to wait for the few days for the other chromebooks, which are not as interesting a color.

Once again, thank you!

-Annika K



Thank you for the new Chromebooks for our class. It is usually very hard to get Chromebooks in classes, because many students and teachers like to use them for learning. Our math class is one of the classes who often use the Chromebooks, but usually the are already taken. With the new Chromebooks, we can always use them for math class.

Thank you,

Elsa H


Dear GDEF,

Thank you for these new Chromebooks! I really like the new, sleek design and blue and black color scheme. I think Chromebooks are a great addition to any classroom, and we are privileged to have our very own class set available for every-day use!

These Chromebooks help us students learn in a much simpler and fun way, because we can watch videos and use math sites instead of being restricted to only pencil and paper.

I’d like to thank you again for these wonderful Chromebooks, and my favorite thing about these new ones is that it’s harder for those annoying kids who like to switch the tab and backspace keys around, which really used to frustrate me. The keys on these Dell computers are much harder to pull out, and I thank you for that.

For the third, and final time, thank you.




Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.39.26 AM


Thank You!

Thank you so much GDEF for providing us these new Chromebooks! These are so much easier to use. They have a much nicer keyboard and trackpad. I am so thankful that you could give these to our grade.

Bella M.


Thank you

Thanks for the chromebooks

we’ll use them alot

they’re nicer than others

and much faster to use

I know I’m no Dr. Seuss

And not as strong as Zeus

But I will not abuse

And they will always be in use

so Thank You aluse

~ Cecilia C.


Thank you so much, GDEF

These chromebooks leave me out of breath.

With stylish colors and a new keyboard,

These computers are a great reward.


Not even the newest version of the Nook

Could compare to the power of these chromebooks.

They’re larger, faster, and in general so much better,

I hope paying for them did not leave anyone a debtor!

Tomas J.


Dear the Groton Dunstable Education Foundation,

I would like to thank you for your generous funding of the thirty chromebooks to the pre-algebra one, seventh grade classes. These chromebooks will help my fellow peers and me access the information we need and collaborate to share our thoughts and ideas. The chromebooks will be used appropriately and respectfully and will help not only our classes, but others for years to come. I greatly appreciate your funding and I think everyone who uses the chromebooks will too.


Michael D


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.37.55 AM

by Tim S.






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