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All-States Festival at Boston’s Symphony Hall


This past Saturday four students participated in the Massachusetts Music Educators Association All States festival at Boston’s Symphony Hall, all four are representatives from our Groton Dunstable Regional High School Chamber Choir. Chelsea Callahan, a sophomore soprano, Josh Booth, a senior bass and Neil Prestia, a junior bass sang beautifully in the choir. Their songs ranged from gospel to contemporary to classical including songs by famous composers such as Mozart. Emily Rimkus, an alto and sophomore in our Chamber Choir played viola in the highly competitive classical orchestra. She loved her experience with her conductor and would love to do it again saying “though it was tiring, it was so enjoyable to hear all the parts come together.” Their acceptance into All States is a huge honor and a very difficult task showing their diligence and hard work in music.

The Music Honors Society is proud of the successes of these students. Thursday and Friday the four students practiced for hours upon hours perfecting the intricate pieces they were given. About the experience, Chelsea Callahan said “it was a lot of hard work but in the end, it was fun and rewarding.” Neil Prestia said it “felt very long but he greatly appreciated the opportunity” and Josh Booth said, “it was a lot of hard work but I’m so happy I did it.” With their acceptance into the All-States Choir, the three non-senior participants can audition for the extremely competitive National Choir. Music Honors Society wishes them luck in their coming auditions.

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