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Exciting Developments in the Music Department


On January 10th the Music Honors Society held another successful Open Mic Night. Everyone from emotional duets to dramatic rock bands performed making for an impressive showcase of talent from the students of Groton Dunstable Regional High School. Music Honors Society would like to thank all of the performers for the excellence presented on the tenth.

Lilly Harris and Presley Bennett shared the stage at the last Open Mic. Both expressed how thankful they were for Open Mics because of the community of music lovers and performers they help foster. Lilly Harris and Presley Bennett are also both members of the Chamber Choir who will be going to Spain in the spring. To raise money for this trip the choir is also performing with Livingston Taylor on April 5th in Devens. There are tickets available for this concert on the choirs’ website.

Another exciting recent development within the music department was the Central Districts Massachusetts Music Educators Association Concert in which ten members of the Chamber Choir sang in a highly competitive audition choir for the high school singers of central Massachusetts. A viola player also got into the highly selective orchestra and a trombonist successfully auditioned for the band. The four students who received a recommendation to move on to an even more selective audition choir and orchestra for the high school musicians of all of Massachusetts, all got into their respective performance groups. Chelsea Callahan said of her experience singing in the Districts concert, “the opportunity to sing with so many new people was exciting” and as one of the singers selected to move onto All-States shes looking forward to another concert.

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