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Evidence Collection

Throughout this course, so far, we’ve learned that scene management in terms of securing the area and not making any modifications to the crime scene are crucial for a well succeeded criminal case as well as collecting evidence, regarding that, every little detail that had possibly seemed unuseful can determine lots and lots of things in a criminal investigation. The guidelines make perfect sense since it makes the entire investigation easier and more organized, making it easier to in the future determine suspects, what happened, and the actual guilty suspect. The most important things to secure a crime scene, in my opinion, are restricting the area and if possible not making any alterations in it, because that could damage the entire investigation, to maximize evidence location, the best way to do it, would be to get different specialists that have knowledge in how to deal with a crime scene (main investigator, forensic analyst, photographer etc.) so these people could get the evidence they need in order to find the responsible for the crime committed.

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