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Fingerprinting Reflection

Q: You have had a couple of experiences with fingerprinting, what do you think?  Do you agree that fingerprints are a good identifier of someone?  Was it easy to leave fingerprints on objects? Was it easy to locate and lift fingerpirnts?  What did this unit demonstrate/teach you about evidence collection?

A: I think fingerprinting is a very reliable and spot on kind of evidence, since there’s an incredibly high chance that it’ll be able to identify the suspect. The problem with fingerprinting, in my opinion, is that, to analyze it, you have to be able to have a good fingerprint, as in, a readable one that has to be at least partially understandable, and sometimes, specially if the case in question happened in public, is very hard to get only one specific fingerprint since you have dozens of people touched the same things every day.This unit taught me that evidence collection is what makes possible for crimes to be resolved, so detectives and analysts can be able to trace the evidence collected to possible suspects.

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