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Watercolor Project


Artist Statement

My artwork is a watercolor painting of an autumn dahlia flower. It starts out as pink in the middle then the petals are yellow and fade into a pink around the edges. The flower is in a ball shape and has many rows of petals. For a background on my painting I used a combination of different blues to create the sky and used greens to make grass. To create my artwork I used a few different watercolor techniques such as wet on wet to make the colors on the petals mix when they meet and wet on dry for the background. Whenever the colors in my artwork got to dark or went somewhere I didn’t want them to I would use the paper towel technique to make it better again. The big idea behind my artwork is about plant reproduction. In science class we learned all about how a plant reproduces and we took a field trip to Tower Hill to observe different plants and their symbiotic relationships with one another. When looking for a plant to draw this flower stood out to me and that’s how I choose my plant. My goal for this artwork was to create a plant using one or more watercolor techniques. I reached my goal because I used more than one watercolor technique in my artwork, specifically wet on wet, wet on dry, and paper towel.Overall I think my artwork is pretty good although I think I could have done better in some areas. One area I think I could have improved on is the background, I feel like I rushed that part and if I took more time to blend the blues more than it could look better. Another area I feel like I could’ve done better is in the center of the flower. When I look at it it looks kinda boring compared to the rest of the flower and I feel I could’ve added different shades of pink for each or the tiny petals that face the inside so that you could tell they were each a different petal by not only looking at the pencil lines.

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