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Narrative Artwork Project


Artist Statement

     My artwork is a narrative piece showing a day I spent at the beach this past summer. It shows me walking down the beach surrounded by different details that I added to show the story, like animals, plants, and other objects. I created my artwork by first sketching out a draft then recreating it on another paper with better coloring and shading using colored pencils. The big idea behind my artwork is that it tells the story of the time I went to the beach and there was no one else there, giving me basically the whole beach to myself where I made little graves next to all the dead horseshoe crabs. My goal for this project was to create a narrative artwork telling a story using details in the piece to tell the story. I feel like I met my goal because I added lots of details to try and tell the story in the picture. Overall, I think my artwork is pretty good, what I like the most about it is how I blended different colors together to make things like the sand and ocean look more interesting.

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