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Identical Twins, Identical Fates? Introduction to Epigenetics

twins fateThis was a case study about twin sisters, where one has schizophrenia while the other didn’t. This brought into question, how alike are twins? Identical twins are born with the same DNA, but over time, epigenetics cause modifications to the DNA, making the twins less identical genetically. In this case study, the twin who was diagnosed with schizophrenia had a different life than the one without it. She was not as active, stayed at home usually over the summer, was more quiet in class, and did not go to college. Her twin was more active, went away with a friend over the summer, more extroverted in class, and went to college. These things cause changes to epigenetics. Their environments were completely different many times and how they handle certain situations cause these modifications. The twin without schizophrenia decided to research why her twin had schizophrenia and she didn’t, even though their genetics are the same. The conclusion came to, that even though they were identical at birth, over their lives, their epigenetics start to differ with everything going on around them.

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