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Lotus Flower

Screenshot 2019-12-12 at 8.25.05 AMMy artwork is based on the blue lotus flower, in nature. The petals of the flower are blue and purple, blended into each other. The center of the flower is a bright yellow-orange color. The element that is most obvious in my work is my blending of the colors. When I saw a picture of the flower, I noticed how the color of the petals and center were blended. One technique that I incorporated in my piece was wet on wet technique. That is when you paint water on the paper and add the watercolors on the water, this adds a delicate watery effect to the artwork. My goal as an artist is to try to add important details to my work. I feel like this piece came out very nice, but I need to continue to work on my goal. I learned many different techniques you can use while you use watercolors. I feel like this project came out well, though I would clean up the background, and add tinier dots to mimic the little details in nature, and I will look back on this project, and will probably create a new and more modern copy of this project. To see what I’ve learned through my many art classes.