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My pastel Easter lily was created with different color pastels, like blue, purple, yellow, green, and white. I used the water technique wet on dry.  For the background I started with yellow and as it went up the paper it started to get darker and it ended with red. I chose the Easter lily because my mom always gets an Easter lily when Easter comes along, and I always look at them when they are in my house and look at how beautiful they are. Another reason that I chose the Easter lily is because I like the colors and the shade of purple it is. The goal for my artwork for me personally was to try to focus on trying my best with my painting skills because i’m not the best artist.While looking at my project my overall thoughts are i liked how it turned out. I like the shape of the flower and the colors. But my favorite thing was my background i thought that it really makes my flower stick out while still being beautiful at the same time.