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Rose painting


My artwork is a pink rose with a blue background, it’s called rose water. One of the most obvious elements is that I used watercolor, the subject matter of this project is a rose. One technique that I used was wet on wet, the process I used to create my piece I sketched the rose on a piece of paper, then I traced it onto the water color paper and I painted it. My artwork was inspired by the field trip to Tower Hills Botanical Gardens, all the flowers there were very beautiful but the roses really stood out to me. A social issue that I tried to show in my artwork is to be unique, I showed this because most roses you think of are red, but mine is pink. One of my goals as an artist is to try something new, this piece helped me achieve it because I’ve never used the technique wet on wet before, but now that I tried it it’s definitely something I want to do in the future. This painting is exactly what I had imagined for my final artwork, this piece is influencing my other artworks because I want to create more paintings like this.