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Why Should You Notice What’s Around You?

Noticing everyday insignificant things is important to the scientific method during detection. Sherlock Holmes would notice how many stairs are in a staircase that he would travel on Sherlock Holmeseveryday. Average people would continue walking up and down the staircase without noticing. Sherlock Holmes was below average to say the least, he did not have a high intelligence and was known as being a “sociopath.” During everyday activities it is apparent that many people do not notice any abnormalities during something they do everyday, Sherlock Holmes did. It isimportant to take a closer look at these things to solve a mystery such as a crime. One missed step by a criminal could lead to the discovery of a fugitive.  During a previous lab I performed measurements on myself, I would then receive a secretive number. The following day I measured another person who has already received number. Then I would try to match the person I measured to their number, it is important to take the correct measurements to identify the mystery. Looking at specific details such as height and arm span are important details to look at in a person. To be able to identify and notice surroundings is a crucial asset to improve on. However, not everybody may want to improve on their observational skills. I want to become more aware of my surroundings to be able to notice unordinary things like, Sherlock Holmes.


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