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Final Project Reflection

By doing the final video, I learned a lot about applying forensics in real life. Even though it was fake, I analyzed blood and ballistics. Just by going through the steps, I realized what needs to be done just to take a movie, and it gave me a better understanding of what needs to be done in real life. My group worked very well together, and we were all able to collaborate to put our ideas together. The hardest part of the project was simply finding time between our busy schedules to work on it. Three of us has MCAS, and two people went away for Easter, so it was hard to find the time that we could all get together and work. The easiest part was collaborating with everyone to make the video. We were all able to put our ideas together and come up with ideas. I really enjoyed making the video, and it also let me apply what I have learned in this class. It was a lot of fun making our own crime video, especially since I enjoy watching crime shows on TV. It was a great way to wrap up this class, by doing something fun and educational.

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