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Blood Stains at the Crime Scene Lab

In this lab, I learned about the four different types of blood. They are A, B, AB, and O. Type A contains type A antibodies, type B contains type B antibodies, type AB contains both, and type O contains neither. I also learned about how blood typing is very important in blood donation. Blood can only be donated to a person if they have the antibodies that are present in the blood being donated. For example type A could only receive type A or O blood, because it does not have B antibodies. This is very important in the process of blood donation

In the field of forensics, blood stains are very useful in identifying someone at a crime scene, since blood is often found at crime scenes, and it contains a persons DNA. The DNA is found in the nucleus of white blood cells. The red blood cells are not useful in DNA profiling because they do not have a nucleus. Blood is often used as evidence to prove that a suspect was at the crime scene.

This lab left me wondering what type of blood I am. It would be interesting to see what type I am and what type each person in my family is. I know for a fact I have the same blood type as my sister, but do I have the same as my brother and my parents?

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