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The scientific methods of deduction and investigation, like what Sherlock Holmes used, requires deep thought that many of us do not use or have. We don’t really observe something that we see in everyday life, this is something that Holmes does. He knows how many stairs are on the staircase, which is something that most people, including myself, look past, and don’t really think about. Holmes is also able to think without any biases. He sees what he sees and not what he wants to see, like many of us do.

As evident in “A Scandal in Bohemia,” Holmes is able to deduce things that many of us simply do not think of. For instance, Holmes is able to deduce that a piece of paper was made in Bohemia, based on the letters on it. He was also able to deduce that the person who wrote on the piece of paper was German, based on the language that they used. This exemplifies Holmes’s ability to deduce and think deeply. Instead of just wondering about the paper, he was able to focus in on the little things that everyday people do not see. Holmes also used no biases when figuring this out. Many people might have thought the paper was from where they wanted to be, and not where it was actually from. Holmes also takes objective observations.

Another way that Holmes is such a great detective is that he takes purely objective observations, not subjective. Holmes sees thing the way that they are. He didn’t say that there were weird letters at the bottom of the paper, he said there were letters. He doesn’t put his opinion into any of his observations, instead only looking at the fact. His use of objective observations, instead of subjective, is just another reason why he is such a great detective.

The scientific method of deduction and investigation, as exemplified by Sherlock Holmes, involves not only being able to figure things out, but also deep thinking, and thinking without biases. Holmes is the perfect example of a great deductor and investigator because he has those traits.

For anyone who has ever watched a TV show about Sherlock Holmes, or read a story about him, it is quite evident that because of his deep thinking abilities, he is a genius. It is baffling to see how easy it is for him to figure out a case that nobody could solve. Watching Holmes work will forever blow my mind, no matter how much I know about the way he thinks, because the way he thinks is simply mind blowing.

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