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The Underlying Connection

Connecting to Wifi,
Connecting to the internet,
When it doesn’t happen it feels like a threat.
We lean on luxuries like they are necessities,
Not realizing their redundancy.

We center our lives around the things we enjoy doing,
privileges, gifts, hobbies and more,
But when we spend time with our loved ones it feels like a bore.
We all love them deep down in our hearts,
Although sharing experiences with them is lacking in our lives,
We work hard for the future or for the present.

Quarantine has come,
isolating us from our hobbies,
Trapped in our homes with a lot less to do,
We now lean on our families like we used to.
This pandemic is terrible and sucks out any fun,
But it helps us to connect with those that we love.

Playing games to pass time and having fun with each other,
We start to realize the significance of one another.
We lean back on our foundation,
Through tough times and struggles,
Causing us to be able to rebound together.

Our family our Father, our siblings, our Mother,
Our sisters, brothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers,
Always will be there,
As the underlying connections start to become clear to you,
You realize you will always have someone that will be there for you.

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