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The Best Place To Go

Do you like vacation? Do you have a vacation spot yet? Well I have the perfect spot for you and your kids (if you have kids). It is a 9 letter word. No, it is not Minnesota it is the Caribbean home of the the white sand beaches and the shady palm trees. The Caribbean is the best place on earth. I will tell you about the Caribbean and how you should go to paradise (the Caribbean).

The Caribbean is the best place on earth because it is tropical. One of the best things about the Caribbean is the water. Each island has it’s own kind of  water. When I went to St. Maarten, the water was crystal clear like bottled water clear. When I went to the Bahamas, the water was nice and turquoise. And around every corner on a beach there are palm trees for you to lean up against and relax. This shows that the Caribbean is tropical. It is your choice stay home in the snow or play in the water on a tropical beach.  Now do you believe me that the Caribbean is tropical. Well, you do not have to believe me or not, the Caribbean is tropical. That is a known fact.

Here is another reason you should go to the Caribbean. The Caribbean is the best place on earth because it is a blast. Where do I start? There are way too many things to do in the Caribbean. When I went to Haiti I went snorkeling and I had a blast. First of all, there are many mountains in the Caribbean for ziplining between valleys and rainforests and don’t forget paragliding, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, sightseeing, safaris, and many many more.  You can also play volleyball or soccer on the white sand beaches of either of the 700 islands in the Caribbean.

Another reason that you should go to the Caribbean is that the view is awesome. Imagine going on a big mountain and finally reaching the top and seeing the big Caribbean sea and all the colors of turquoise, light blue, and white because of the sand  and all the palm trees.  The cruise ships and the mountain you are standing on are all in your eye’s view. That is what the Caribbean is like but all the time.  There are tons of airlines and cruise lines that go to the Caribbean, so book a ticket to the Caribbean today. You will not regret it. And remember the Caribbean is super kid friendly.

Now do you believe me that the Caribbean is the best vacation spot? You all should be nodding your heads right now because Disney does not have an ocean and mountains. So go to the CARIBBEAN!!!!!!! Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Place To Go”

  1. Tanner, your essay not only persuaded me to go to the cirrabien, it also got me to my happy, happy place and a verity of smilies. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Well said! The Caribbean is a great place for kiddos, with many locations having a “baby beach”, with shallow waters and without waves. I have loved the places we have visited. Great memories are made! The real question is….where are you going next?

    Great job!

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