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Reading is More than You Think

Kids think that reading is boring and dumb,and maybe  a waste of time like in library kids just get a book and don’t read it. But I disagree. Reading is one of the best things you could do for your brain. Reading is fun. Come on just go and read. Don’t just read because your teacher told you to. Reading is for fun!!! It makes you smarter, and it kind of helps when you are stressed out. 14 percent of adults don’t know how to read, isn’t that sad!!! I would be so ashamed of myself if I could not read. I would step on up and try to learn how to read. Did you know that 576,000,000 kids don’t know how to read? That’s so sad. Kids should read more!!!!

The first reason that kids should read more is because reading is very interesting. It makes you really think and say, “Hmm, I wonder whats going to happen next.”  It makes you think about creativity. Video games, on the other hand, hurt your eyes and make you dumb. Trust me,  you also get no vitamin D because you’re locked up in your room and then your body is not healthy.  If you always play video games, go outside right now and sit down and read a book!!! This shows me reading is important!!!!

Another reason that kids should read more is because  reading helps your parents because when you read you feel relaxed and you are not as loud, and it helps your parents with their work. Also it  helps you and your siblings because your reading and there’s no way you could get in a fight.  You parents would be so happy if they did not have to referee you and your siblings all the time. If I was a parent, I would be so happy if my kids would stop fighting for one second!! Now do you understand how your parents feel when you and your siblings fight and they have to punish you. Did you ever think that  when your parents punish you it makes them sad? This is important because reading helps you get through life.   You have to know how to read to get into college, and you have to know how to read to get a  job. This is why reading is important. I advise you to learn how to read. Reading is important!!!!!! Do you think reading is important?  I do. KIDS SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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