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A Flower in Heaven

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My artwork is a picture of a begonia which is a type of flower. My flower is blue and purple and there is a shadow to the left. I created my artwork by looking at a picture of a flower. I did change the color of the flower from a reddish orange to a blue and purple. I created my picture by using water color and the techniques I used were the wet and dry and the paper towel. The main idea about this project was science related. The Picture I got was from a garden called Hershey Garden which I thought the flowers there were so pretty so I decided to use one from there. The goal was to use at least one water color technique to draw a picture of a plant or a flower or any producer. My over all thoughts about my painting is that it looks good but I could of worked on the background a little more. I feel like the background ruins the whole painting but I do still think that the flower itself is really good on what I’m capable of.