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Standard 6 Reflection on Learning

Fast Times at Genetic Diseases High

by Philip Kendall

I had originally signed up for genetic diseases to make the fourth quarter of my senior yer easier. I had expected to do some work, but mainly coast by so I could graduate. My main concerns were AP biology, calculus, and Lacrosse, but I am leaving this class with knowledge that I did not have before.

This class taught me something on the very first day when we conducted the four corners activity. I had been taught about these great advances in science. How bacteria have been bio-engineered to produce any biological chemical we want, how the genome is being broken down into individual genes that all work together to produce a human, but I never stopped to think about how these things are affecting society, or what they might lead to.

Despite all the things scientists have studied, theorized, and proven, there are still many things not yet understood. There are questions to be answered, and still to be asked. Scientists strive everyday to answer questions, but once they have answered one, two more appear before them. This class has taught me a surprising amount of things, but most importantly it has taught me learning especially in science, does not stop.

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