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Let’s save some OCELOTS!!


Imagine… People in the middle of the rainforest with bow an’ arrows and guns hunting birds, fish, and worst of all Ocelots! The world should protect these big cats that are being hunted to extinction. People should protect ocelots because they are very endangered, bad people are hunting them for fur and meat, and they are pretty cats that need to be saved, and I have some cool facts that you might not of known.     

First of all, people should protect ocelots because they are a very endangered species. There are only 50 Ocelots left! This proves that ocelots are endangered. If people keep hunting them, there will be no Ocelots left!  They are only seen in South America. An Ocelot is the most hunted cat in the world. This proves that we need to save them.    

Fun Fact:   Did you know that Ocelots sleep in the understory of the rainforest?

Secondly, bad people are hunting them for their beautiful fur and meat.  And who would want to eat cat meat anyway?! People are making their fur into coats! Why don’t they just make one out of fake fur and leave the poor cats alone!   Even though an Ocelot’s fur is very pretty and comfortable, they are still very endangered and people like I’ve stated before should not hunt them. If Ocelots are still hunted, they could go extinct! This proves that people should protect Ocelots.  

Fun Fact: Did you know that Ocelots are one of the only cats that can swim and like  water!Ocelots are especially good swimmers…. If only they knew the back stroke!

Fun Fact: Ocelots are quite the hunters themselves they have very pointy teeth watchout! Ocelots are very good hunters like cats they crouch,stalk up, and kill and they eat the same prey as a regular cat would including mice,birds,fish ,and maybe even snakes if they are really desperate!

Finally, ocelots are pretty cats that need to be saved.  Just think, there could be an ocelot being killed right now and only making that there are only 49 Ocelots. Just keep that in mind when you hear of an Ocelot next. If the world can work harder we can save more Ocelots and more female Ocelots can have babies and can increase the population of the Ocelots.

Fun Fact: If you don’t know… A baby Ocelot  is about the size of a regular kitten. Did you know when Ocelots want to get down to the ground, they climb down head first with their big claws!


In the beginning did you know what I was talking about or where you confused?   All you need to know  is that we, as the world, need to protect Ocelots. Next time you hear about Ocelot,s keep this picture in mind… and start noticing that people should protect Ocelots.           

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