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My Narrative Artwork 2020

Narrative Artwork

My artwork has me hopefully in the future raising the Stanley Cup. It has some bright colors like oranges and some tans for the jersey and highlights, then some darker ones like black and brown for shadows. I created my artwork using only colored pencils. The process I used was the flat colors first and then highlights and shadows. I had never used colored pencils like this before and it was a fun experiment. Playing hockey and watching hockey for my whole life inspired my artwork. I had seen people lift the Stanley Cup before on TV and I wanted this artwork to show that. However, it is a dream that I have. My goal was to create a narrative artwork. My overall thought on my artwork is that I like the outcome and I think it was what I imagined. This piece will influence my future artworks because I have never really worked with colored pencils like this before. I think I might use them more in the future.