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Symbolic self portrait.

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My art work is a drawing of my hand.I did my hand because your finger print makes you unique just like your symbols.I also chose my hand because I could use my hand as a reference when drawing.

I created my pencil, colored pencils, and crayon.I traced my hand so it would be the size of my actual hand. I tried to make it look like my hand as much as possible. I chose crayon because I thought it would give it some texture. I used colored pencils for the details. 

The big idea of my artwork is for it to represent me. I wanted my artwork to show who I am as a person.I achieved this goal by putting the symbols I chose and also chose my hands because I use them alot.

My goals for this project was for it to look good and that it represents me. I completed both of my goals. I think that my drawing looks alot like my hand and that is what I wanted.I think it represents me because it has the symbols I chose and it is a drawing of part of me.

My thoughts on this project are that I thought it looked good and that it was a good idea. It looks good with the details. The details l think make it look good. It was a good idea to do my hands because it shows me and I could put in a lot of detail