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I enjoyed doing the infographic assignment.  

Common Core: The ability to empathize with another culture

The class discussion began with a short story in Spanish and the importance of water in every one’s life, whether rich or poor , whether an engineer or a farmer, we all  decided that we all need water.  The students were able to consider current events like the water shortage in Flint, Michigan to the water crisis in Bolivia in 2005. We also watched a movie about the water crisis in Bolivia called “También la lluvia”  (In Spanish the whole title is not usually capitalized)

After doing this work students were asked to compare and contrast their water situation to the water situation in Latin America and they were to research one country in Latin America that interested them and that currently lacks clean water.

Deepen or enhance candidate learning:

Using an infographic seemed like the perfect tool for them to demonstrate their research skills, the difficult question whether fresh water is a right or a privilege, and their ability to make sense of three sources and  synthesize material into an infographic. These skills are part of common core for English. There are no common core standards for Spanish.

Implement the tools:

Using the Infographic tools was great for all students because it taught them a new way to present information. They enjoyed figuring out how to make droplet shapes out of circles and the opacity feature was one they used. Certainly they were able to discuss their findings in the target language. The ability to present having a graphic behind them made them feel more confident. Collaborating on this project is beneficial for both teacher and student because there is a lot of communication happening between students and teacher ultimately has less to grade!

I will keep this assignment as a winner in my portfolio!

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