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Four Corners Activity



While participating in the four corners activity, there were many questions and strong opinions that I developed regarding the ethics of genetics and how genetic information should go about being shared. One statement that I strongly agree with is, “People should have the right to learn whatever they want about their DNA because it is their own body.” I believe that people have their own individual right to learn about their DNA because it is part of their very own body. Other people should not be able to dictate what you can and can not learn about your own body. I found that my opinion on this specific statement influenced my opinion on all of the other statements. I also developed a strong affirmative opinion towards the statement, “I should get permission from my parents and siblings before learning about my DNA and my risks for disease because this information impacts them as well.” It is critical that you at least discuss your plans about learning about your genetics because the results could reveal some unwelcome news of a disease that may have the potential to affect another member of your family. The outcome of this conversation should not dictate your decision to either seek genetic counseling or not, but it is important to at least inform your family of your decision. What you choose to tell your family after meeting with genetic counselor is completely up to you.  Overall, the topic of genetics and what genetic information should be released is a very sensitive topic that carries a lot of controversy. As we grow as a society, it is important that people draw boundaries to prevent the abuse of genetic information and make sure that genetic information is used appropriately.

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