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self portrait


Forrest Rivard


 Self Portrait 


My artwork is a self portrait that shows things that relate to me in it.  I chose to draw the things that represent me inside of my head because that’s where I think about everything I’m doing and everything I wish I was doing. 

My artwork is made simply from a pencil and colored pencils.  I also used my finger to smudge the led around to create better shading in my artwork. 

 I was inspired to draw what I did in my head because I thought of things I really enjoy doing and things I do a lot, then I drew those things inside my head.  I tried to represent myself in my artwork. 

This assignment has helped me get better at my goal as an artist.  My goals as an artist are to be able to draw people better than stick figures and working on drawing human faces definitely helps.  

My overall thoughts of this artwork are that I think I reflected myself well and the things I enjoy doing in my piece.  I also think that my piece has helped me grow as an artist and improve my goals.