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My Symbolic Self-Portrait


Charlie’s Self Portrait

Colored Pencil, Marker
My artwork is a drawing of my face with a bagel as my neck. On my forehead I have the celtics logo. On my eyelashes I have a Massachusetts outline and the other has a baseball bat. My nose has a red sox logo on it. And my cheeks have an instagram logo and an outline of new york. My lips have a sloth hanging on it.
I use a compass to construct a round bagel. And I used a marker for my whole face and stuff on my face. I also used a marker for my green background. I used colored pencils for my hair, bagel, lips and shirt.
My big idea for my artwork was to show things that I like by incorporating it onto and into my face.
My only goal was to try to get everything thing that I like onto my face. And to fill every spot on my face with something that I enjoy.
After doing this project I now realize how hard it is to make a self portrait look like myself. Also, I didn’t think this is how it would turn out. This would make me not construct any more self portraits of myself any more because it doesn’t look like me.