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My interest in technology started when I worked as an administrative assistant for Southern New England Telephone, Co.   Working as an administrative assistant afforded me a chance to become proficient with Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, Access, & PowerPoint.  Y2K was fast approaching and many companies were in need of programmers, programmers, and more programmers, including SNET.  As a result, I took the logic test and was accepted into one of many 3 month programmer training course with 14 others.  Our group was filled with veteran employees, new hires right out of college, women and men, US Citizens and foreigners.  It was a very diverse group of people.  At the culmination of our training, we were split up into different departments.  I worked on the accounting side working with COBOL, SQL & others.  I left SNET Co., Inc. during September of 1999 to become a teacher, something I was always very passionate about.

While employed at SNET, I was involved in many outreach programs that involved technology.  ConnectCT 96 was a state initiative to connect every public school to the Internet.  Although I wasn’t involved in the networking side of this project, I jumped at the chance to get involved in training teachers how to use email, a new concept at the time.

Combine these concepts and it makes sense that years later, I am a Technology Integration Specialist.  The skills I needed then and now, are the sames as the skills I strive to instill in my students today!  We focus on skill sets that foster collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking while utilizing various technologies.  These skills will afford our teachers and students with the tools they need to be successful in any career in any location.  Let’s get connected!


Audra Kaplan
Technology Integration Specialist
703 Chicopee Row
Groton, MA  01460

Awardee 100 Teachers Meeting


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