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Penguins Survival

Penguins Survival


If you could travel across the planet to the coldest place on Earth, you would see one of the coolest birds in all of Antarctica. A Penguin. You would see them eating and playing, swimming and sliding. But we are threatening the survival of these beautiful birds. Here’s why.


Oil spills

Some boats carry oil. If oil gets into the water somehow this can threaten the survival of Penguins and everything in the ocean. Oil in the water can stick to a penguin’s feathers therefore it can make them less waterproof and take away some of their body heat. Also

Krill (a type of fish penguins love) could get covered in oil and when eaten. It can poison the penguin or cause damage to their internal organs or to whatever eats it.                            

Other Threats


Many fishermen are Overfishing (taking too many fish from the ocean) and this means that there are less food left for penguins and other animals in the ocean.This can be stopped by new laws or for fisherman to catch less fish when fishing.

Global warming

The temperature or the Earth is changing due to global warming (the warming of the planet). Ice is melting in Antarctica and this could threaten the survival of the penguins.

A way to slow this down is to stop pollution.

I hope you learned that you can save the penguins and everything in Antarctica but these are only some of Antarctica’s threats. But you can still help by volunteering to cleaning and feeding the penguins. You can make a difference!




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