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7th grade Poetry Portfolio: Reflection

Dear Ms. Maio,

I was happy with all of my poems, but the one I thought was the best, was probably my ekphrasis poem. I like my ekphrasis poem because I think it was my most unique and creative poem. In my ekphrasis poem I described a painting in the point of view of one of the many girls in it. I said “The mountain view looks beautiful, if only I could turn to look at it, or climb to reach it.” I really tried to describe what I thought the girl would be thinking, and I am proud of the final product.

I think I could have put a metaphor in my villanelle, because I think my villanelle was kind of boring, and could have used some more creativity. I could have said “A book is a journey into someone else’s life, from their perspective” to describe why I enjoy reading.

Poetry has affected me as a writer by making me think outside the box and be creative. It has helped me to come up with new ideas and perspectives, which are skills I can use as a writer.


Anne Madden.

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