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Self-Portrait Identity


My portrait is a drawing of me, with the background in rainbow swirls of color. I have a blue shirt with many different symbols like a window into my brain, a phone for an ear, a heart on my chest and a thumbs up. 

I created my portrait through markers, colored pencils, and oil pastels. I shaded all the colors together with a white oil pastel to blend it, and looked pretty cool in the end. My background and skin tone is oil pastels, my shirt is marker, and my smaller facial features were made of colored pencil.

The big idea behind my artwork is to show who I am in a nutshell. It shows my big personality (through the bright color scribbles in the background) and my other features. I show that I am a caring, accepting, friendly, intelligent, and outgoing person. It represents mostly my love and acceptance of people from all walks of life, and how I try my best to be supportive of everyone.

My goals for this artwork was to try and use my facial features for symbols and cleverly integrate attributions of my personality into my face. I was able to create a window into my brain in the spot where my eye was. I also turned my ear into a phone to show that I’m outgoing. I made a chain necklace to show I’m trustworthy, like the chains that link together. I believe I succeeded in doing this, and I used my facial features to my advantage in the project.

I learned more about my main qualities that show through, and not just the hobbies and things I enjoy, also my personality traits and more about myself. The final outlook is a lot different than what I expected, probably because I didn’t have much of an idea in the first place of what I would do. But overall, I am happy with my work and like how my self portrait turned out.