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Nail Patella Syndrome – Linkage

nailpatellaThis lab was about nail patella syndrome which is a dominant trait on chromosome 9, where the individual has oddly-shaped finger and toenails, as well has peculiar kneecaps. This is part of a linkage trait because it’s on the same chromosome as the blood types and this can both cause what you have. In this lab, we were given a couple who both had this disorder, but the man had type A blood and the woman had type B blood. They wanted to know what the probability was for their child to have the nail-patella syndrome. There was a 27% for there child to have NPS and have O type blood. We had to determine the frequency for each gamete and then had to make a diagram to figure out whether the child would have the O type blood with NPS. This did help us understand how the linkage between how close the genes were could affect the results of what their offspring could be.

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