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Gattaca Reflection

In class, we watched the movie Gattaca, and had to reflect on the entirety of the move and how this would affect us if society was that way. The idea of using genetics to be in charge of a society stood out to me. With how your genetics would control how your life was going to be from the minute you were born and even before you are born with selecting certain genes in order for you to get ahead in life. How no matter how smart and well you did in school, you could be in the lowest class of society all because your genetics say you have the slightest health or mental problem. With this world, individuals would have a greater loss if they don’t have the desired genetics for society and not live desired lives, while people who have selected genes would live the better lives because society believes their genes are better suited for life. Society has a greater loss because they are taking people who have passion for things and not letting them achieve their goals all because they don’t have the genetics for it. Security wise, this system can work because committing a crime or fraud would be very hard. Otherwise, society is taking control of how people are created in order to be accepted to society. I would not want to live in that world because I would not do well. My genetics would most likely not be desired for society. This world would impact me if I was “Vincent” how I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do in life, always being told not to do certain things because of health problems. The world would become very limited if I was “Vincent.” If there was a chance to become what I’ve always wanted to become, then I would make the choices Vincent did because it is a chance to make a goal come true. Even if it means having to become careful with everything and having to hide your actual identity, I would want to achieve my goals.

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