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I created this work to showcase human’s effect on our environment, and how it is through us, and our actions that the earth is changing. I chose to use paints because of their vibrant colours and how they can make you feel about the piece, and the texture. In my painting the background is ice and water, two perfect mediums that when painted make you feel the waves through long brush strokes, and the imperfect , snowy ice. I chose to show the red hand against the ice, because in that hand, you see this place i the future, shaped as a hand because it is the future we have caused through our ignorance. The red from the hand affects the nearby sea and ice because it is a change we have already set into motion, it is already happening. If I could change something about my work, I would add wildlife in the sea, to show that this change impacts them too. This piece conveys betrayal, and regret, for after all we take from the earth and its resources to provide us comfort, we never gave back, and continue, in our ignorance to hurt our planet and it’s resources and creatures irreversibly. Through creating this piece, I learned of the nature of mankind, because we can see what’s happening, and we know what we’re doing now. But we haven’t stopped. I created this piece to hopefully show people what we are causing, in the hope that they will awaken to the dangers we have brought upon not only our future, but so many others as well

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