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Art Ms hansen

Owen’s Hand 

Materials, paper and colored pencilsIMG-0691


My artwork is my hand and basically I’m trying to send out a message that these are all my fingerprints in my life. I put my favorite colors and some of my favorite things to do.


 I created my art by thinking of things I love and putting them in my hand, hockey, golf, talking,ex. And putting in stuff is a big part of my life.


The big idea is to show what I think and what my life is like and all the stuff that i like and what’s going on. Also to show that I like more than one thing.


My goal is always to make it better than my last because then it gives me confidence to think outside of the box and think of stuff that means a lot to me.

I love my artwork and I think it came out better than my last and I’m very happy about how I did it and the perspective I picked, and how it’s so colorful.