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Under the Sea – Anemone


The plant I chose was a sea anemone. I painted the plant on a rock and made it fade from purple to dark blue. The background was light blue and there was a clownfish in the sea anemone. I used google images to look at different ways to draw sea anemones, and clownfish. I also used different watercolor techniques such as wet on dry and did little details using not as much water in the paint. My artwork was inspired by my love for animals but especially ocean animals. It fascinates me about how other creatures would be killed by the sea anemone, but the clownfish aren’t harmed. My goal for this piece was to make it look neat, and that you can see the sea anemone clearly. I think that I reached my goal that you can see the sea anemone clearly, but the fine details on the clownfish were a bit sloppy. I think that my piece wasn’t as close up and fine detailed as I imagined it, and the colors were not blended well.