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What if human impact on the earth

My artwork was suppose to show two sides of what the ocean looks like with or without pollution from global warmings. Or what it looks like when all the animals die. On the left side of the paper it shows everything, happy, alive, with lots of colors. On the left side of the paper it shows nothing in the water. All the animals and wild plants are dead from global warmings.
I created my art by dividing the paper into two sections painting one side with color and wild live to show the earth with no global warmings. And on the other section I created a reputation of what the earth will look like when global warming wipes away all the animals and plants. I used paint to demonstrate this.
The big idea behind my work is to show people what we are losing if we continue to treat earth like this. If we continue to burn fossil fuels. What earth will look like when the wild life can take anymore. When they die off.
My goal was to show that this needs to stop so earth can live on. That we need to stop everything that were doing to earth. And stop focusing on making materials, and to start focusing on what’s important. Nature.
Personally, my thoughts on my art aren’t good. I don’t think I did the best job painting it, but it was hard for me. I’m not the best painter, but I wanted to challenge myself and try something new.

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