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Connections Writing Project

The first source is called “Rainbow Connections” followed by “Excerpt from Believing in Horses” by Valerie Ormond, and last but not least is “Clownfish and Sea Anemone” These three sources show that Everyone needs each other, and is not alone.
First, in the video “Rainbow Connections” rainbows need sunshine and rain. An example is that life has positives and negatives. Some people have stereotypes, like sunshine is a positive day. And rain is a negative day. When we put those days together it doesn’t just form a rainbow, it shows us that humans are not always positive or negative. Plants and flowers need rain and sunshine. Rain gives plants water to grow, and sunshine gives plants and flowers for photosynthesis to occur.

In the article “Excerpt from Believing in Horses” by Valerie Ormond shows how everyone needs companionship in life, even animals. Horses can do many different things like horse racing, show jumping, pull carriages, horseback riding, and many more. Horses need human interaction for grooming, feeding, and training. Humans also help by giving care to the animal-like if they are ill or have hurt themselves. In the article Lucky the horse galloped away in the forest because there was a huge storm and was scared. Sadie, the owner of Lucky called for him hoping that he would come back. Sadie hoped that Lucky returned to the barn. This shows how horses and humans need each other.

Last but not least “Clownfish and Sea Anemone” shows how everyone is not alone in the world. In the text, it states “Clownfish are among the few species of fish that can avoid the potent poison of a sea anemone. These two species have a symbiotic, mutualistic relationship, each providing a number of benefits to the other.” This quote shows us that they need each other to live and to get food. The clownfish is protected by the sea anemone from predators.

These two readings and a video tell us that everyone needs someone, is not alone, and needs companionship. People and animals also help each other. You can always be someone’s friend and make someone’s day brighter.