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  •  Use of Mindmeister  to enhance learning
  • My Google Hangout was on Mindmeister, a tool which allows both teacher or student  how to “map out” an idea, a concept or steps on how to do something.  It can be a useful tool because it is graphically pleasing, it can be manipulated by students or teachers to meet learning and teaching needs.  This tool is also collaborative.

The graphics alone are fun to use because on the computer you can manipulate the strings then attach the bubbles and use them as a graphic organizer. The graphics allow you to select color, text, font and certainly the subject area is up to you. I think this tool can engage the visual learners because you can make things organized with some fun flair.

Mindmeister allows you to collaborate with peers or teachers. Many people can look and contribute, thus making it a tool that is fun and academically inclusive. Teachers and or students can embed videos, text or images to further explain a point. 

I think I would use Mindmeister if it were free, but due to the fee, it makes it less attractive. Unfortunately there are only three free maps and after that you have to pay a fee, however if the school pays for some of this technology then there’s a chance that it can be more widely used

 Common Core standards:

World Languages or Foreign Languages has  not been asked to follow Common Core standards. I can only imagine that the reading and the writing proficiencies would be similar but at different times. Unfortunately, World Languages at GDRHS are taught at Middle School and High School and it should begin at the elementary level.  The reason it has not begun earlier is due to budget and a lack of community interest.

Additional support to be successful to use Mindmeister:

It does not seem that any additional support to use Mindmeister would be needed. What is needed is the funding for such an app. It is a fun and useful app and it would all depend on budget parameters.

This tool can be used in Spanish curriculum easily, especially when reading stories in Spanish, doing vocabulary, figuring out characters in a story and outlining the plot. As much as I would like to use this tool, I think there are many other free tools that can be used instead of this tool.

I would recommend this to any one of my colleagues as long as there was a budget for purchasing it.



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I currently teach Spanish at Groton Dunstable Regional High School. I currently serve as Department Chair for the World Language Department. I enjoy reading, watching foreign films and traveling. I understand the importance of being bilingual and love to promote Spanish as a necessity in our current world.

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